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Queen of Tarot

26:56 | Jan 23rd

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When it comes to tarot cards, there is an artistry to designing a world of emperors, fools, priestesses, hermits and other iconic figures. But few people know about Pamela Colman Smith, the woman who ...Show More


mm recommended:Nov 15th

About the wild life and adventure of the woman who created the imagery on the most used deck of Tarot cards. A person born in the wrong era, she sounds like the coolest person you’d know today.

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🌅 A beautiful story
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mmNov 16th

@jennx I feel like you’d like her

rmmiller364 recommended:Nov 14th

Learn about the woman artist who created the iconic designs for the most popular tarot card deck in the world. Pamela Colman Smith is fascinating! She had synesthesia, was a member of various esoteric occult religions, and hung out with Bram Stoker. In fact, the emperor card in her deck even has a p...Show More

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😊 Delightful
😲 Fascinating
💡 Educational
🤓 Insightful
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mmNov 15th

@rmmiller364 This episode was an absolute treat. She’s so cool!!


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