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A Brief History of Food

Karen Miller


A Brief History of Food is a collection of essays, stories, and recipes of America’s culinary classics, written and voiced by Karen Miller.


0:00 | Apr 28th, 2015

When I moved to the South twenty years ago, the first thing I did was to order a subscription to Southern Living Magazine. I had been told that it was the Bible for all proper Southern ladies, and I d...Show More

0:00 | May 5th, 2015

Forty years ago every housewife in America knew how to cook fried chicken. Remember Florence Henderson frying up chicken with “Wesson-ality” back in the 70s and 80s? In those days, homemade fried chic...Show More
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0:00 | Apr 7th, 2015

Macaroni and cheese is considered the ultimate comfort food throughout the United States. Like many classic American dishes, our mac and cheese is of English origin, brought to America by our English ...Show More

0:00 | Mar 31st, 2015

Florida is a great place to live because I can grow vegetables all year long. I’ve got beautiful tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and herbs available at my fingertips, yet for some reason, I cannot grow zu...Show More

0:00 | Mar 24th, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone — and what are you doing with all that leftover corned beef? Well, at my house, we’re cooking up a big batch of Red Flannel Hash. You can make regular hash with jus...Show More
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