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“This is Product Management” interviews brilliant minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel the modern product manager. Episodes span from arts to science, tactics to strategies, confessions to professions. Take a deep dive into user experience...Show More

20:20 | Nov 18th

Many authors, educators, founders, and executives have come on This is Product Management to reflect on their leadership successes and failures. From their perspectives, what makes for an impactful leader and what fundamental skills should aspiring l...Show More

25:25 | Nov 11th

Over the years, This is Product Management guests have shared the methodologies and tools they use to gain customer insights and conduct research throughout the product development process. This episode covers the best market research lessons from le...Show More
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38:02 | Nov 4th

Anuraag Verma, Global Head of Strategic Transformation at Alpha, shares how large organizations can use experimentation principles to de-risk decisions, test critical assumptions, and get innovation to stick -- and scale. Get the latest updates from ...Show More

45:01 | Oct 21st

Adam Judelson, VP of Product at Deloitte Consulting, and Chris Kluesener, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Alpha, discuss how to build a product startup within a global management consulting firm, and how that fits into the context of the massiv...Show More

25:10 | Oct 14th

Sherry Zhang, founder and CEO of GenoPalate, joined us live from Fall Experiment in Milwaukee to discuss the future of health tech and healthy eating, including how product management and genetic data come together to bring personalized nutrition and...Show More
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