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This is Product Management


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“This is Product Management” interviews brilliant minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel the modern product manager. Episodes span from arts to science, tactics to strategies, confessions to professions. Take a deep dive into user experience...Show More


17:42 | Jun 29th

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, founder of Product School, shares how product management has evolved, best practices for interviewing, and how to grow into a leadership role. Get the latest updates ...Show More

22:25 | Jun 15th

Rajesh Midha, Chief Strategy & Operating Officer at Bottle Rocket, discusses how organizations should embrace a growth mindset to build the right products and future-proof their businesses. Get the la...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

20:17 | Jun 8th

After interviewing 249 thought leaders and executives, Mike Fishbein finally sits down to be interviewed himself. Anuraag Verma, the new host of This is Product Management, asks Mike how he’s applied ...Show More

23:32 | Jun 1st

Julia Barham, Innovation Product Manager at Nationwide, discusses the unique considerations at play when building digital experimentation cultures and fast product development strategies in the bankin...Show More

30:59 | May 26th

Jackson Broadbent, Director of Product at DealCloud, shares how to successfully transition from an individual contributor to a product leader, and how to guide teams and products through high growth p...Show More
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