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WaitWhat invents boundary-breaking media properties – including Masters of Scale, Meditative Story, and Should This Exist? – that change our cultural landscape. We aim to elicit contagious emotions – awe, wonder, curiosity, mastery.

Episode Recommendations (33)

waitwhat recommended:Aug 5th

Who wishes they could learn a language or an instrument in 5,000 rather than 10,000 hours? Halo Neuro claims that future is possible with their hyper learning headphones. But do we want that? We dig in.

Halo: A headset that makes you learn faster

by Should This Exist?

waitwhat recommended:Aug 5th

Secret of scale: Turn your product from a nice-to-have into a can’t-live-without, from a vitamin to a painkiller. And ideally? Both.

Be a painkiller AND a vitamin, w/Clara Shih (Hearsay Systems)

by Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

waitwhat recommended:Aug 4th

"This is my sanctuary. Calm washes over me as I lay here." Join former SVP Apple Retail and former CEO Burberry, Angela Ahrendts as she finds space to dream.

Creating my own sanctuary, by Angela Ahrendts

by Meditative Story