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waitwhat recommended:Sep 14th

Before Peloton's IPO in 2019, there was a long, long uphill climb. Skeptics said it wouldn't work; VCs just said no. Hear how co-founder and CEO John Foley converted skeptics into mega-fans.

70. Peloton’s John Foley — How to turn skeptics into fans

by Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

waitwhat recommended:Sep 14th

Do you have an inner monologue? Hear the story of someone who discovers she actually…doesn't! What's it like? Hear Jennifer Lee tell her story, paired with meditation from Rohan Gunatillake.

That thing I'm missing is what makes me happy, by Jennifer 8. Lee

by Meditative Story

waitwhat recommended:Aug 20th

Why is Duolingo such an engaging way to learn a language? It's all in the crowdsourced business model, which keeps new lessons flowing, keeps users onboard – and keeps the company growing at scale. Reid Hoffman talks with founder Luis von Ahn.

Duolingo’s Luis von Ahn — A masterclass in crowdsourcing

by Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman