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acserrano recommended:Jun 1st

Some straight honest talk from two beloved Torontonians — Garvia Bailey & Donnovan Bennett.

Being Black in Toronto: Toronto Mike'd #656

by Toronto Mike'd Podcast

acserrano recommended:May 29th

Total pleasure to be invited by @CanadaBahai to discuss notions of resilience, community & public policy in these #CovidTimes with Shabnam Tashakor & Laura Friedmann. Please check it out.

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
🤔 Thought-provoking

The Public Discourse - EP 3 - The Role Of Community

by The Public Discourse

acserrano recommended:Mar 30th

This is a #MustListen right now as we strive to find hope amidst our COVID-19 reality.

Rebecca Solnit — Falling Together

by On Being with Krista Tippett

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