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Ana Serrano


Politics, Food, Tech, Culture

Episode Recommendations (17)

acserrano recommended:Dec 5th, 2019

Really looking forward to this episode. Coming soon in January. (BTW what the etiquette in echoing trailers?)

S3: The Mad Men of Climate Denial


acserrano recommended:Oct 11th, 2019

So fun to jam about "authenticity" with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki. Would love to hear your thoughts on our convo.

#33 Communicating AUTHENTICITY with Ana Serrano

Talk About Talk

acserrano recommended:Aug 22nd, 2019

Where there is Joy there is hope. So many astounding women fighting the good fight in making technology ( and those who design it) more accountable to our aspiration of building an equitable, just and inclusive world.

#92 Joy Buolamwini - Finding Flaws in technology, Fighting Algorithmic Bias.

The grey Ave Podcast