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cyndi recommended:Oct 6th, 2019

Season one of Someone Knows Something should be renamed to 'No One Knows Anything'. Slow moving, boring, and a waste of time. There are much better true crime podcasts out there (I can't speak for future seasons though)

S1 Prologue: 'Do it, David. Do it.'

by Someone Knows Something

cyndi recommended:Oct 6th, 2019

Nathan Latka is the most annoying interviewer, constantly cutting off his guests. I've never disliked a podcast more (and this isn't limited to this episode, he is arrogant/rude in all of them).

1533 How Greenrope CRM Bootstrapped to $2.7M in ARR

by The Top Entrepreneurs in Money, Marketing, Business and Life

cyndi recommended:Jul 31st, 2019

Audio crack

A Different Kind of Star [1]

by To Live and Die in LA

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