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Podyssey Picks (Dec 20): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community. From Canada’s secret porn problem to the murderous giggling granny, you’ll have lots of podcasts to keep you company this holiday season. Also, we’re excited to spotlight our podcast sponsor, the Comedy podcast, that features a new indie comedy pod every week.

Why menstrual periods are powerful.

fiercefab recommended:Dec 18th, 2020

A beautifully written, counter-cultural challenge to the ways we talk about our cycles. I wish I’d had this demystifying and deeply empowering framework when I was a young girl. But hey, it’s never too late to build embodied self awareness and be the big sister you wish you’d had.

Your Blood Is Amazing

by Period Queen

A playlist of hidden podcast gems from 2020 you won’t want to miss.

Hidden gems you don't want to miss (2020)

12 episodes

Curated by:cbcpodcasts

How Russia keeps hacking the US government.

benakimbo recommended:Dec 18th, 2020

Informative discussion with NYT correspondent David Sanger providing context and.extensive background for the recent hacking of SolarWinds software and successive cyber-attacks and breaches across multiple departments of the US government. Particularly concerning is how apparently unprepared the U.S...Show More

Hacked, Again

by The Daily

Americans wanted to wipe out Chinese restaurants.

epekilis recommended:Nov 15th, 2020

Loving the podcast Proof. Delves deep into the the historic relationship between racism and the limited economic opportunities for Chinese immigrants. I note that it doesn’t take a step further back and point out that - at least in a Canadian context; the podcast is American - we encouraged huge nu...Show More

The Plan to Kill the Chinese Restaurant

by Proof

The murder of the Playboy Playmate who was poised to be the next Marilyn Monroe.

Grab a tissue before listening to this podcast.

molinos recommended:Dec 15th, 2020

The saddest podcast of this year. Worth listening.

1. A shadow

by Goodbye to All This

Canada has a secret porn problem.

mm recommended:Dec 15th, 2020

Who knew Pornhub is based in Montreal, Canada? This quiet company received lots of attention when NYTimes published an article about child pornography and other content issues on Pornhub. But does solving those issues cause unintended consequences for people’s who’s livelihoods is sex work?

Short Cuts #289 - Canada's Secret Porn Stash


Being funny requires structure, Jerry Seinfeld explains.

danny recommended:Dec 13th, 2020

Seinfeld talking about how he needs structure for creativity / his writing process. A good contrarian view that some or even most creative people thrive when there some sort of process.

#485: Jerry Seinfeld — A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines, and Methods for Success

by The Tim Ferriss Show

A podcast playlist for holiday cheer.

Holiday Podcasts

29 episodes

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Free tuition may not be the ultimate solution.

rmmiller364 recommended:Dec 18th, 2020

Such an important episode. I see these struggles with my students every single day.

Free tuition is not enough

by The Impact

We’re all capable of self-destruction. Real talk on mental health.

mijustin recommended:Dec 13th, 2020

Really important message: “Let’s not be surprised. We are all vulnerable to isolation, loneliness, and self-destruction.”

Episode 263: Tony Hsieh and the Myth of the Invincible Man

by Zen Founder: Startup. Family. Life. (@zenfounder)

Explore a dystopian future where Money, State, and God merge into a monolith called “The Program”.

basicallydan recommended:Dec 16th, 2020

What a wonderful discovery this is. If you are interested in dystopian fiction, futurism or political fiction... or if you like black mirror... you’ll probably like this! 😊

The Program comes for us all

by The Program audio series

This murderous giggling granny left a trail of dead husbands.

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