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mm recommended:Apr 21st

Agree with @aliceko that this was a terrific podcast on remote work. I really like how the WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg thinks about remote work, the various levels it entails, and the benefits around destigmatizing dealing with life issues like picking up kids in the middle of the day, that can act...Show More

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mmMay 12th

Different Levels of Remote Work: Level 1: Autonomy - Basics, access Level 2: More professional workplace setup Level 3: Asynchronous work to unleash productivity; Remove social stigma for self-care/personal activities in middle of regular work hours Level 4: Microhabits possible in WFH situations li...Show More

waitwhat recommended:May 11th

Suddenly, many of us are remote workers. How to reduce stress and keep communication open? Masters of Scale host Reid Hoffman reached out to Matt Mullenweg, who runs a 1,000-person team at Wordpress and at Automattic that’s almost all remote. His advice in this episode.

aliceko recommended:Apr 20th

Best podcast episode about remote work that I've listened to yet. Damn. Matt Mullenweg was ahead of his time. I cannot believe he built a 1000 person remote team. These tips for effective remote work are next level. When calling in, always have each person on one screen (I cannot tell you how many t...Show More