Started listening to podcasts while running or to pass the time during my commute. Now, I can’t find enough time in the day to listen to as many interesting and amazing content out there. I enjoy anything that teaches me something new or makes me wonder.

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jctrevino recommended:Mar 26th

Finally a sensible and fairly optimistic view in the coronavirus pandemic! First time I hear Jonathan Haidt but he as some very interesting thoughts to ruminate.

A Post-Corona World

The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway

jctrevino recommended:Mar 24th

If you remain optimistic about what is about to happen in the US with the pandemic, by all means do not listen to this episode. Especially around minute 15. 😢

Why the American Approach Is Failing

The Daily

jctrevino recommended:Mar 13th

Using Mental Subtraction as an alternative and amazingly powerful way to be grateful. I hadn’t listened to this podcast in a while. But especially in these turbulent times with so much anxiety, it helps to be appreciative of all the wonderful things one has close by. Like our loved ones.

Who Would You Be Without Them?

The Science of Happiness

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