Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

#194: Atomic Habits, James Clear

1:23:34 | Jul 3rd, 2019

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An athlete as a kid, a devastating sports injury would change James Clear's life forever. While a sophomore in high school, a baseball bat struck Clear in the face, resulting in massive head trauma. ...Show More


jossbiggins recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

- Start small and build. Our small steps lead us to our larger systems - We don’t rise to the level of our hopes we fall to the level of our systems Four step framework: Que, craving, response, reward Que - plate of cookies Craving - my interpretation of that that que means, period of predicti...Show More

mmNov 21st, 2019

THANK YOU for these notes @jossbiggins. So many great takeaways from this episode when I listened, but such a long episode, so your notes will serve as good quick reminders.

jossbigginsNov 21st, 2019

@mm Thank YOU for the platform!

alicekoNov 22nd, 2019

@jossbiggins @jossbiggins The 3 ways to break a bad habit are simple - yet true. I used to have a bad habit of eating protein bars. I tried the replacement method (replacing with a healthier snack), then the reduction method (every other day), and now I just don’t crave. I also try to brush/floss as...Show More

jossbigginsNov 22nd, 2019

@aliceko for me it’s popcorn...currently plotting an escape

aliceko recommended:Nov 3rd, 2019

Great science-backed tips on how to develop new habits and how to break bad ones - like food addictions! I like the tip about positive social pressure, purchasing tupperware with locked lids and brushing your teeth early (say bye bye to your late night cravings!) Talks about learning how to 'power d...Show More

mm recommended:Oct 7th, 2019

Enjoyed the conversation with great practical tips on how to build good habits and break bad ones in step-by-step fashion. The start of the habit is more important than the destination (if there even is any for habits!). I also enjoyed the discussion about meditation and its purpose to create self-a...Show More


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