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Joss Biggins


Just a humble Hornby kid hustling. Socially Responsible Investment Advisor at EthicInvest Project lead at Self Hired Host of the ThinkSpace Podcast

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jossbiggins recommended:Feb 19th

A few show notes; :50 - North Pole Hoops Ethos 6:55 - A formula for creating culture 9:40 - What does investing in yourself as a business person look like? 12:14 - What was Kobe Bryant’s Leadership style? 13:55 - Finding both mental wellness & a relentless work ethic 18:00 - How to build your te...Show More

Cultural Architect ELIAS SBIET is Creating Canadian Basketball

ThinkSpace Podcast

jossbiggins recommended:Feb 5th

A few notes! 5:10 – Tyler origin story 8:28 – Your profession does not have to define you. 12:12 – Top qualities of a TALENTED actor 22:56 – technologies that have disrupted the Film Industry 31:00 – Star Systems 47:36 – What branding ACTUALLY can do for you as an actor 55:51 – “if you’r...Show More

Hulu Star TYLER JOHNSTON on Canadian Content & Redefining Success as a Canadian Actor.

ThinkSpace Podcast

jossbiggins recommended:Feb 4th

People, dont want to do little things. Because that implies people dont want to do little things. When you say go big - people want to do that. What is something that people generations from now, will look back on and remember you from. When you pick a big thing, and stick to it for a year, a year...Show More

281: People don't want to do small things. They want to do meaningful things.

Leadership and the Environment