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Hi-Phi Nation is philosophy in story-form, integrating narrative journalism with big ideas. We look at stories from everyday life, law, science, popular culture, and strange corners of human experiences that raise thought-provoking questions about th...Show More

53:34 | Apr 13th, 2019

Preschool kids get their first taste of democratic participation when they vote on their class name, and democratic private schools try to display the value of democracy by making kids vote on everyth...Show More

jspinelle recommended:

You don’t have to be a democracy nerd like me to appreciate this episode 😀

44:25 | Mar 14th, 2017

One scientist decided to put the entire field of psychology to test to see how many of its findings hold up to scrutiny. At the same time, he had scientists bet on the success-rate of their own field....Show More

kriscooke recommended:

Science is difficult because it's performed by humans...

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43:34 | Jun 22nd, 2019

Drake coined “YOLO,” short for “you only live once” in 2011, and then later apologized for all the douchiness it subsequently engendered.  But the spirit is ancient, and cross-cultural, speaking deepl...Show More

37:15 | Jun 8th, 2019

Pyotr Tchaikovsky composed and conducted his final symphony in 1893. He died 9 days later, after having knowingly drunk an unboiled glass of water during a cholera epidemic. Deep into the symphony, Sy...Show More

49:02 | May 25th, 2019

In Australia, vegan and animal liberation activism has recently become intense and disruptive, invading farms, restaurants, and city centers. They’re doing everything from rescuing animals to blocking...Show More
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