Other Men Need Help

Mark Pagán

Welcome to Other Men Need Help - a series about the emblems, habits, and struts in the male performance. Hosted by Mark Pagán.

24:57 | Oct 24th

For our two year anniversary, we're finishing up a two-part episode with yet another diner interview a buncha of talented, sensitive guys. In this month's bonus episode, Mark meets with Tim Manley and Naje Lataillade to talk about why their work help...Show More

06:16 | Sep 14th

Guess what? We've got a surprise bite-size bonus episode for you! On the anniversary of the death of one of our favorite screen hunks, Mark talks to four Pagán women in an attempt to solve a long-standing family mystery.Become part of the team and su...Show More
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21:00 | Sep 11th

It's our two year anniversary, so here's a two-parter! In this month's bonus episode, we're time traveling back to 2012, when a poorly recorded conversation with a personal hero in a diner, in a town with a confusing name, lit the fuse for Mark's exp...Show More

18:24 | Aug 7th

August’s bonus episode is all about HAIR:Long beautiful hairShining, gleamingStreaming, flaxen, waxen... you get the picture, as Mark tags along with Isaac to get a haircut, and waxes rhapsodic about his own days as a salon boy. Plus, Jiji Lee shares...Show More

24:20 | Jul 3rd

In this month's bonus episode, our very own Rebecca Seidel shares a cautionary tale that makes Mark reflect on an ill-advised pickup routine from the past. Plus, we have the DELIGHTFUL Alison Leiby telling her own cautionary tale LIVE. Special thanks...Show More
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