Startup School by Y Combinator

Startup School by Y Combinator

Learn how to start a startup with YC’s free 10-week course. A series of lectures and conversations with YC Partners, startup founders, and experts on how to start a successful company.

49:49 | Aug 14th, 2019

YC Partner and growth expert Gustaf Alstromer talks about how to measure product market fit, how to decide on a growth channel, metrics that lie about PMF and other mechanics of growth for startups.

mm recommended:

SUS '19: Gustaf talks about when to start thinking about growth and provides valuable examples of growth experiments he ran while at Airbnb.

52:52 | Sep 19th, 2018

YC Partner Kat Mañalac and Director of Marketing Craig Cannon describe the most effective ways to use PR and content to help your companies brand and to find more users.Lecture SlidesLecture Transcrip...Show More

mm recommended:

SUS '18: Interesting lecture on how brand and PR can help you find more users.

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15:22 | Sep 25th, 2019

YC President Geoff Ralston concludes Startup School this year with some parting advice, as founders continue on their journey to make something people want.

24:29 | Sep 25th, 2019

YC Partners Adora Cheung and Kevin Hale reflect on Startup School 2019 and share some of our learnings from this year's program.

17:22 | Sep 25th, 2019

To succeed in building a big company in the long-term, founders must become good at leading, motivating, and retaining great people. Ali Rowghani, YC Partner and CEO of the YC Continuity Fund, takes f...Show More
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