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How We Rise Leadership Podcast

Claudia Chan

Based on her book This Is How We Rise and her work as the CEO of S.H.E. Summit—Claudia Chan believes everyone can be a leader by offering a new definition that is holistic, inclusive and purpose-driven. By getting all people to lead with a "me-for-we...Show More
#04: You Become the Sum of Your Thoughts

41:38 | Apr 23rd

When it comes to rising as leaders, your thoughts can be the greatest drivers of your success or they can be the greatest barriers to your success. Yet most people don't invest the time to assess and manage the internal patterns, self talk and voices...Show More
#03: Great Leaders Are Inclusive Leaders

30:18 | Apr 3rd

In order for all of us to bring our best selves and talents to our workplaces and communities, we need to feel not only a sense of belonging and that we can engage as our true selves, we also need to create the space for others to as well. In a world...Show More
#02: Leadership Redefined as "Whole Life" Leadership

29:52 | Mar 20th

In this episode, Claudia unpacks a new, more appealing and accessible definition of leadership that is essential to your potential, destiny, and for humanity.
#01: A New Perspective of Your Life

26:47 | Mar 6th

In this episode, Claudia shares 3 beliefs to reframe the meaning of your life and unlock your highest potential.