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BIPOC Mental Health Guide

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July marks Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Awareness Month. To bring awareness to mental health struggles that communities of color face, we dive into the unique experiences of care and treatment, the role of culture and history, and shatter the stigma around seeking help. Take time to expand and nourish your mind with these podcasts.

The mental health system is failing marginalized people.

Therapist Melody Li discusses how practitioners are not set up to support people of colour.

Black lives matter. Access to mental health matters.

The race war takes a huge toll on the Black community mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Understand its history and why mental health is highly stigmatized in Black communities.

A Black man discusses the changing role of masculinity in hip-hop culture, and mental health.

vlow6 recommended:Feb 7th, 2018

Shared by my friend about how mental health for different communities needs to take into account context.

Reggie Osse Puts It Together

by The Hilarious World of Depression

Mental health is taboo in Indonesia, but a psychologist makes it his life journey to make a difference.

gitawidyasari recommended:Jul 9th

Great episode. Mental health is something we rarely talk about, people would always assume it is related to superstition which lead them to have treatment like exorcism. Hats off to Sandy who is willing to make a change

Mental health in Indonesia

by All In The Mind - ABC RN

This New York entrepreneur ended up in the hospital from overworking.

Hear how Keith Yamashita rebuilt his life and learned to nourish his soul after a devastating stroke. Then let host Jay Shetty guide you in a series of mindfulness prompts to reflect on your life.

For more mindful podcasts, check out this playlist:

Trauma can be imprinted in our DNA and passed onto future generations without us even knowing.

A Black therapist invites her grandmother to uncover the intergenerational trauma in her family.

Learn how to manage your mind to get through extraordinary challenges with the CEO of S.H.E Summit, Claudia Chan.

Our thoughts can be either the greatest drivers of our success or our greatest barrier.

susanle recommended:Jul 31st, 2019

Thanks for the recommendation @aliceko! What a great reminder of how our thoughts become our beliefs, our consciousness, and our unconsciousness. And this becomes our behaviour and how we carry ourselves in the external world. Loved this, "Manage your mind like it's the most important job you have."...Show More

#04: You Become the Sum of Your Thoughts

by How We Rise Leadership Podcast

Some therapists might be pushing men away.

Listen to Man Up’s host, Aymann Ismail in his first taped therapy session on why it’s hard for men to open up.

China has seen a rise in eating disorders, but the only treatment center in the entire country is in Beijing.

Is this an inevitable consequence of economic development or due to stigma around mental health? Find out here:

mm recommended:May 16th, 2019

Very interesting podcast episode on eating disorders in China. Enjoyed hearing the cultural stigmas and dilemmas referenced. Definitely can relate on that front. - Online vomit - Surprised that people only thought that only young white affluent women suffered from eating disorders. - In...Show More

Unseen: The Rise of Eating Disorders in China

by The Food Chain

We like to compare ourselves to each other, but it’s highly self-damaging.

Dr. Judy Ho breaks down our inner-saboteur and shares her de-stressing practices.

aliceko recommended:Jan 19th

My first goop fellas episode! And I'm impressed. Dr. Judy Ho shares concepts to stop self-sabotage, including CBT-based frameworks that I've never heard of including: box-breathing, the importance of slowing down hot thoughts by writing them down, and one of my favorite new methods: if-then intentio...Show More

Judy Ho: Stopping Self-Sabotage

by goopfellas

Take time to sit down and have tea with your feelings.

Shamanic healer, Mimi Young discusses self-care, creating ritual and emotional curiosity, and her untraditional healing work.

Change starts within us. Try out these mindful techniques to check in with yourself and to be more open in your own mental health journey.

aliceko recommended:Feb 28th

Short and sweet episode with easy, actionable strategies on how to be more mindful. No, you don’t have to meditate for hours on end to achieve mindfulness. I really liked her last suggestion.

#217: The Mindful Kind // Mindfulness Activities for Busy Weeks

by The Mindful Kind

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Mental Health for BIPOC Communities

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