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Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Earwolf & Nicole Byer, Sasheer Zamata

Gayle & Oprah. Bonnie & Clyde. Nicole & Sasheer. Enter the pantheon of best friendship. When you’re forced to change your number, are sick of being single, or want to take a pole-dancing class, you’re going to need a best friend...and if you don’t, y...Show More

1:12:11 | Jul 31st

Hello! Nicole and Sasheer are good, thanks for asking. They learn about the history of the boysenberry, and Sasheer reveals her love of Pogs (as does producer Josh). Nicole puts a plea into the universe to play Jigglypuff in a Pokémon movie, and they...Show More

1:18:21 | Jul 24th

Sasheer and Nicole break down Sasheer’s name (its Zam-AY-dah, not Zam-AH-dah). They come up with a game plan for Nicole to slip into Michael B. Jordan’s DMs, and write a tagline for high-weight capacity bunk-beds: “You big as fuck and like to sleep n...Show More
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1:03:47 | Jul 17th

Nicole loves cars! Really! Sasheer loves Nicole’s movie recaps, from Gravity to Benjamin Button. They wonder where peas come from (green beans?) while taking a “Pick Eight Foods and We Will Give You a Sex Position To Try” quiz. They answer listener v...Show More

59:05 | Jul 10th

Nicole shares a story of a recent Tarot card reading and opening herself up for love, and Sasheer encourages her to explore her spiritual side. They discuss what they learned from a documentary on circumcision, Beyonce + Gwyneth Paltrow’s best friend...Show More

56:19 | Jul 3rd

Nicole believes all men masturbate in public, but Sasheer isn’t so sure. So, they ask all the men and women they can find, and the answers are surprising! They take a quiz to prove the strength of the friendship, answer questions about ending bad fri...Show More

1:26:39 | Jun 26th

Nicole & Sasheer bring on comedian best friends Betsy Sodaro (Disjointed) & Mano Agapion (Bajillion Dollar Properties) to this week’s show! In this interview-meet-Newlywed Game, they interview each separately before bringing them together to share th...Show More

58:29 | Jun 19th

Nicole and Sasheer are getting matching caskets (maroon for Sasheer, purple with flames for Nicole)! They share stand-up horror stories - Sasheer did STD jokes in a room of old people, while Nicole spanked a heckler. They chat about their shared love...Show More

49:49 | Jun 12th

Nicole and Sasheer are best friends with a podcast! Nicole tells stories about bad phone etiquette and a man who loves big panties. Sasheer dreams of life on a commune, and tries to get Nicole on board (Nicole is not on board). They answer listener q...Show More

01:00 | May 20th

Get ready for Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata, premiering on Earwolf June 12!