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If These Walls Could Talk

20:02 | Nov 26th, 2019

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Social Media is not just for modern folk. In ancient Pompeii, people also shared what they thought, who they met with, what they ate... It's just, they had to use different technology. For more inform...Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 17th

I love that this podcast episode focuses on everyday life in Pompeii, which is a great compliment to more usual high brow art historical discussions of sculptures, frescoes, and mosaics!

samantha recommended:Jan 13th

We just aren't that different.

mmJan 13th

@samantha Right?!? 😂

mm recommended:Dec 30th, 2019

Such a delightful episode about the discovery of ancient graffiti in Pompeii (a.k.a. the social media of 2000 years ago). Hilariously random notes that people left on the walls divulging on their daily lives including Yelp-like restaurant reviews, poop thoughts, and more.

dannyDec 30th, 2019

@mm lol social media of 2000 years ago is a great analogy.

mmJan 12th

@rmmiller364 This one about ancient graffiti in Pompeii is so so so good.

epekilis recommended:Dec 29th, 2019

Graffitti on the walls of Pompeii helps us bridge a gap of almost 2000 years to the every day humanity of the Romans. Technology and fashions change, but human nature is remarkably stable. The graffitti suggests that a surprising range of people of previously thought illiterate could read and writ...Show More

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