My First Million

The Hustle & Shaan Puri

The Hustle presents - My First Million. We talk to millionaires to hear the untold backstories & strategies behind their success. We talk to people who have made a fortune through iPhone apps, real estate, blogs, bitcoin & side hustles. Listen in and...Show More

50:31 | Jul 9th

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle - a simple email newsletter that generates over $1M+/month! Sam walks us through how he built the hustle from scratch as well as his adventures starting a hot dog stand (7min), selling booze on the internet (13mi...Show More

51:07 | Jul 3rd

Ramon Van Meer has never seen a soap opera. Yet somehow, he built the most popular soap opera blog on the planet - and was raking in ~$300,000+ per month! Today's conversation is about how he got the idea, and flipped a $49 wordpress theme into a $9M...Show More
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49:54 | Jul 16th

Who knew a product about other products could be worth tens of millions... Ryan Hoover tells us the struggle of trying to find a place in the startup world and how to tackle job rejection the right way - becoming his own boss! Truly starting from scr...Show More

31:20 | Nov 10th

The Hustle's My First Million presents: Million Dollar Brainstorm is back. Host Shaan Puri and The Hustle CEO Sam Parr sit down and discuss what side hustles, trends and big business ideas that's keeping them up at night. This week they talk about cr...Show More

42:43 | Nov 6th

Henrik Werdelin is your dog's best friend. No really, he sends your dog gifts every month. Millions of dogs around the world love this guy, and that's why his dog treats & toys monthly subscription box business is booming. BarkBox is reported to have...Show More
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