Mob Queens

Stitcher & Jessica Bendinger, Michael Seligman

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Mob stories are always all about the guys. But not this one. Anna Genovese is a New York drag club maven and bad-ass mob wife. Hollywood besties Jessica Bendinger (writer, Bring It On) and Michael Seligman (writer, RuPaul’s Drag Race) are obsessed. T...Show More

22:55 | Aug 19th

Anna Genovese's glittery, daring and dangerous life story has been overshadowed by the violent exploits of her mobster husband, Vito Genovese – head of New York's Genovese Crime Family. Now, hosts Jessica Bendinger and Michael Seligman are unearthing...Show More

32:37 | Nov 4th

Jess and Michael arrive at Anna's gravestone to a bitter surprise. But, their heroine is one step ahead. In the season finale of Mob Queens, Anna Genovese proves she had the last word. Join the Mob Squad Facebook group here: https://stitcherapp.c...Show More
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39:24 | Oct 28th

The reason Anna Genovese survived ratting Vito out is [redacted]. This week, Jess and Michael receive FBI files. The hidden portions on the file give them clues that support a growing theory –– and a possible explanation for Anna's actions. This ...Show More

31:08 | Oct 21st

Anna's husband makes it to the top of the American Mafia, but only just in time for it all to come crashing down. As Vito's kingdom burns, Anna's words from 1953 continue to stoke the flames. Now the question remains: how much of it did Anna intend t...Show More

30:59 | Oct 7th

After her day in court, everyone knows Anna Genovese has a real story to tell. But now, she's going underground – literally. As she waits for the judge to decide on her separate maintenance claim, she opens a new nightclub and earns a new reputation ...Show More
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