Mob Queens

Who is Anna Genovese?

22:55 | Aug 19th, 2019

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Anna Genovese's glittery, daring and dangerous life story has been overshadowed by the violent exploits of her mobster husband, Vito Genovese – head of New York's Genovese Crime Family. Now, hosts Jes...Show More


cesarm recommended:Aug 21st, 2019

This a must for true crime fans. Anna Genovese seems like a very interesting personality. You can definitely sense the pat both hosts(Bring It On, Ru Paul’s Drag Race) are very passionate about this miniseries.

rmmiller364 recommended:Mar 1st, 2020

Just listened to the first episode of this and I think it’s going to be fantastic. I’ve never heard anything about the intersections between the mafia and queer communities before this episode. This seems like a forgotten history that is long overdue for a podcast! The hosts are excellent too!