The View from Somewhere

Critical Frequency

Trust in journalists is at an all-time low, but the work of journalism matters more than ever. And traditional “objectivity” may be hurting, rather than helping. All journalists have a view from somewhere, and ”objective” journalism often upholds sta...Show More

19:52 | Oct 15th

“Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it.” That’s what public radio journalist Lewis Raven Wallace wrote in a blog post just after Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration. Wallace called on other journalists to stand up to Trump’s racism and transphobia. ...Show More

34:27 | Oct 22nd

Before 2014, police killings of unarmed Black people weren’t a huge news story. Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery, Ferguson activist Johnetta Elzie, and host Lewis Raven Wallace look at how media reacted after police killed Michael Brown in 2014...Show More
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01:15 | Sep 27th

Introducing The View from Somewhere! All journalists have a view from somewhere, and ”objective” journalism often upholds status quo thinking and reinforces racism, sexism, and transphobia. This show tells the stories of journalists who have resisted...Show More

24:59 | Dec 3rd

Whose voices and stories have been lost because they were pushed out of journalism altogether? Marvel Cooke was a groundbreaking Black woman journalist who reported on labor in the 1940s and organized a union with the Newspaper Guild in the 1930s, is...Show More

24:36 | Nov 19th

Queer and trans journalist Lewis Raven Wallace is on a mission to find other reporters like him, who were fired or persecuted for advocating for their communities. He finds Sandy Nelson, a former Tacoma News-Tribune reporter who waged a seven-year ba...Show More
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