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In 2010 Rob Ford ran for Mayor in Toronto. To much of the city, his campaign was laughable: full of embarrassing scandals, anti-immigrant sentiment and declarations of war on "elites." But he won. Then came the drinking, the drugs, the police invest...Show More


47:34 | Oct 31st, 2019

Rob Ford’s colleagues laughed off his campaign for mayor. They shouldn’t have. They assumed the numerous scandals he’d already suffered through, and the fresh ones that would dominate his campaign, wo...Show More
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The Trump campaign strategy before Trump. Terrific episode that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

42:42 | Nov 7th, 2019

As Rob Ford began his term as mayor by ending taxes and cancelling transit plans, his colleagues on city council and the reporters who covered them were starting to gossip. As his first weeks turned t...Show More
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Rob Ford not showing up to work because of “reasons” = not surprising. Rob Ford’s staff partying with him all the time = surprising.

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39:28 | Oct 31st, 2019

This is the story of how our subject goes from the outskirts of the city to a seat in the building at the heart of its power. Before he was the Mayor of Toronto, and before all the insanity that came ...Show More
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Super interesting story about the rise of infamous past Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Traces his family roots and how he got so many fans even whe...Show More

42:22 | Feb 13th

A secret war, a secret deal, and a scandal that threatened to destroy Ronald Reagan’s presidency–until it didn’t. The Gravy Train team is happy to bring you the first episode of Fiasco: Iran-Contra. F...Show More

42:35 | Dec 12th, 2019

Toronto never got the chance to reelect Mayor Rob Ford. Nor did it get the chance to kick him out of office. It wasn’t the ending anyone wanted, it’s just what happened. And over the next few years, i...Show More
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