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12 Canadian Podcasts We Love

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Hello from your friendly neighbour of the North! We’re probably snacking on some poutine and bird-watching Canada geese in a park while listening to some Canadian pods right now. Yes, there are tons of great podcasts made right here in Canada, Podyssey’s home! We rounded up a list of best podcasts from some of our favourite Canadian podcasts and podcasters.

1. The COMMONS podcast finds out that rich people in Canada do weird things—like steal bike racks from public parks and build 100-foot tall horse and dragon bronze statues for no reason.

Get a sneak peek behind the weird and privileged lives of the richest Canadian families with CANADALAND’s DYNASTIES series.

mm recommended:Jan 11th

I knew the Vancouver slumlords Sahotas were evil, but I didn’t know they were THIS evil. They want people to stay addicted to drugs so they can get cheap labour to fix their buildings and even stole bike racks from Stanley Park because they’re cheap. And we’re talking about a family worth hundreds o...Show More

DYNASTIES 5 - The Sahotas


2. The Home Cooked podcast answers important family questions like: What if your immigrant mom cooks the best Pakistani dishes, but you can’t cook to save your life?

The Home Cooked podcast is full of heartwarming stories of family recipes taking you to home kitchens across Canada.

3. The Today in Canadian History podcast explores what makes the country great, but also what makes it equally complicated.

Canada is home to rich and vibrant diasporas, but the country wasn’t always welcoming to everyone:

4. Prefer your poutine with a side of true crime? Dark Poutine is Canada’s own ‘My Favorite Murder’.

Get ready Murderinos. Start with this story about a West Coast spiritual cult leader named Brother XII cheated his wealthy followers out of millions.

vanpodfest recommended:Nov 1st, 2019

Dark Poutine is one of the most listened to podcasts in Canada and this episode is a great example of why: hosts Mike Browne and Scott Hemenway dig up dark crimes from Canadian history and present them to us in a thoroughly fascinating and humorous way.

081 - The Cult of Brother XII and his Treasure (BC)

by Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History

5. CBC’s Front Burner is Canada’s version of The Daily, giving you a closer look into Canada’s top news stories from a Canadian lens everyday.

Start with Front Burner’s investigation into Canada’s biggest conspiracy theories involve the founder of a cryptocurrency startup who died unexpectedly on his honeymoon in India, leading to the disappearance of $180-million in cryptocurrency.

6. Canada’s infamous crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford, was Trump before Trump. The Gravy Train podcast unravels his rise and fall.

The Gravy Train

Frequency Podcast Network

+14 FANS

7. What’s equal parts funny, cringe-worthy, and cathartic? The Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids podcast.

Listen to silly stories including a childhood overdose of vitamin C.

8. Canadians are nice, but Stop Podcasting Yourself reminds us that we can crack a joke too!

Hear interviews with the funniest people in Canada in the top comedy podcast, Stop Podcasting Yourself. Start off with a conversation with the first female Chinese comic in Just for Laughs, Cassie Cao:

9. The Secret Life of Canada digs into undertold stories of Canadian people and places that didn't make it into your high school textbooks.

Here’s a secret: Canada has our own Greta Thunberg. Her name is Autumn Peltier and she is an Anishinaabe-kwe youth warrior fighting for clean water.

💜 See what the hosts of ‘The Secret Life of Canada’ are loving with this playlist:

10. Canada may seem like nirvana, but is it actually taking care of its people? No Little Plans finds out how Canada is measuring up against the UN's goals.

Start with an episode about how half the household in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut are facing food insecurity. Vocal Fry Studio’s Vicky Mochama explains:

11. A group of active drug users created the groundbreaking Crackdown podcast about the escalating drug war in Canada.

The award-winning Crackdown pod takes a deeper look into the heart of the overdose crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.




12. Reminisce how classic albums influenced your life with The Record Club.

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Canadian-born singer Alanis Morissette released her hit album ‘Jagged Little Pill’ featuring ‘Ironic? Regular people describe how the album impacted their lives on The Record Club.

cgkelly recommended:Jun 22nd

Regular people share their stories about classic albums live! Yes, live. It was recorded before COVID but it’s a great reminder what it felt like to attend a storytelling night with other people. It will also get you super excited about music!

Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill

by Record Club

You didn’t think that was all eh?

For even more top Canadian podcasts, check out this playlist of podcasts that won awards at the largest Canadian podcast festival, Hot Docs.

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