12:42 | Nov 13th, 2019

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Bridget Landry’s chaotic life is thrown for a loop when she gets besieged with robocalls. Written by Sandi Farkas, directed by Amanda Lipitz. Executive producers Mimi O’Donnell, Carrie Coon, Amanda L...Show More


write2tg recommended:Sep 15th

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👍 Well-produced
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mm recommended:Sep 14th

A mother who is trying to survive gets mysterious robocalls and are scammed by people beating her at her own game. Thriller fiction pod!

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🤭 Dramatic
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jhawthorne recommended:Apr 1st

Short chapters on being hacked and striking back

podcastplaylist recommended:Mar 6th

Gimlet's Motherhacker is a fictional story about a woman who joins a phone scam ring as a way of supporting her family. It's a very interesting story of human resiliency and what we will do to support our families. But also I think it's relevant because every week we're hearing about one of these ne...Show More

cesarm recommended:Nov 15th, 2019

New audio drama from Gimlet. I can definitely this becoming a TV show. A mother gets scammed and try to find the people that con her. And because these is a Gimlet show (Homecoming, Sandra) it has a stellar cast headed by Carrie Coon (The Leftovers, Fargo) and Pedro Pascal (Narcos, The Mandalorian)...Show More