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BC Today is where British Columbians connect on issues facing their lives and their community. Every week day at noon PT and 1pm MT, BC Today host Michelle Eliot delves into the top story for the province.

51:50 | Jul 22nd

Why should we care about what's happening with the southern resident killer whale? What would it mean if we lost them? Some of the oldest residents of British Columbia's coasts are in peril. We discuss with orca expert Kenneth Balcomb. Then, we discu...Show More

50:45 | Aug 9th

Personal Travel Management's Lisa Derby, the CBC's Jon Hernandez and MSF Doctors Without Borders' Craig Kenzie discuss travel to dangerous places in the world. Minter Gardens' Brian Minter answers your question.

50:31 | Aug 8th

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Special Report on Climate Change and Land's Werner Kurz and World Wildlife Fund-Canada's James Snider on climate change and land use. Tech writer and speaker Alexandra Samuel on back-to-school technology.

54:23 | Aug 7th

CBC's Yvette Brend, former RCMP officer Kim Watt-Senner, Gillam's Dwayne Foreman and Jane MacLatchy on the hunt for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod. UBC's Kathryn Harrison and SFU's Mark Jaccard on the Green Party's plan for renewable energy and Can...Show More

50:30 | Aug 6th

Environment Canada's Matt MacDonald, University of British Columbia's Karen Bartlett and Lytton Chamber of Commerce's Bernie Fandrich discusses hot weather and how to stay cool. JBS Home Improvement's Morgen Jensen discusses summer home renovations.

51:05 | Aug 2nd

B.C. Mountaineering Club president Chris Ludwig and Fjallraven manager Matt Armstrong talk about hiking experiences. BC Craft Brewers Guild executive director Ken Beattie and Growler editor Rob Mangelsdorf discuss craft beer.

49:57 | Aug 1st

Credit Counselling Society CEO Scott Hannah discusses credit card debt in light of Quebec setting minimum credit card payments. CBC Books web content editor Dionne Codrington discusses various picks for summertime reading.

50:54 | Jul 31st

BC Care Providers Association CEO Daniel Fontaine talks about Route 65, and finding the right senior care. WildSafeBC provincial coordinator Vanessa Isnardy and Coquitlam urban wildlife coordinator Julie Kanya discuss handling conflicts with bears.

50:35 | Jul 30th

Ecole Polytechnique's Jose Fernandez discusses cybersecurity at Canadian institutions after the Capital One data breach. Dietitian Rosie Schwartz and University of British Columbia's Zia Mehrabi how people choice between meat and plant-based diets.

51:48 | Jul 26th

A report released this week by the provincial government points to the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change over the next few decades. Given the urgency being raised, how do you want climate change to figure in the upcoming federal elec...Show More

51:53 | Jul 25th

Are you considering getting your Class 4 lisence? Uber says it may not operate outside of Metro Vancouver if it can't get enough qualified drivers in B-C's more rural areas. Regulations set by the B.C. government call for all would-be ride-hailing dr...Show More

51:48 | Jul 24th

The case of four sisters who successfully challenged their parents' unfair will is something that could only happen in B.C.What questions do you have about writing wills? Have you ever encountered a problem with a will? Then, what are fond memories y...Show More

52:17 | Jul 23rd

Police believe 19-year old Kam McLeod and18-year old Bryer Schmegelsky have left the province and are now considered suspects in a murder case. National Drowning Prevention Week is upon us. Canadian Actor Simu Liu, from Kim's Convenience, is set to p...Show More

51:57 | Jul 19th

More than 400 people have lost their jobs this summer. Across the province, mills are shutting down or cutting back their operations. How have you been affected by the forestry downturn? What are you doing to cope? We discuss with industry experts, a...Show More

52:08 | Jul 18th

Have you had experience with being told to "go back home"? How did it affect you? U.S. President Donald Trump held a rally in Greenville, North Carolina. During his speech, as he spoke about Somalia-born Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, people ...Show More

52:10 | Jul 17th

The inquiry into the province's gasoline and diesel prices continues, with the B.C. Utilities Commission hearing from industry. What do you think should be done about gas prices in B.C.? Then, would you consider cutting back on flying to cut back on ...Show More

51:53 | Jul 16th

Do you remember where you were when Apollo 11 took off? We discuss the mission's lasting legacy with astronomer Scott Young. Then, the Emmy nominees have been announced, many of which are Canadian. We go through the nods with TV and film critic Di Go...Show More

52:01 | Jul 15th

Canada's new airline passenger protection rules come into effect. Under the new Air Passenger Protection Regulations, Canadians can seek compensation from airlines when they run into trouble travelling. We discuss with air passenger advocate Gábor Lu...Show More

51:05 | Jul 12th

City of Vancouver's Monica Kosmak and OceanWise's Rhiannon Moore talk about how to reduce the environmental impact of single-use products in light of court decision. Minter Country Gardens owner Master Gardener Brian Minter answers your questions

51:49 | Jul 11th

Truck Loggers Association's David Elstone and Wilderness Committee's Torrance Coste discuss raw law exports from B.C. Work Smarter with Social Media author Alexandra Samuel talks about different approaches to technology while on vacation.

50:27 | Jul 10th

Burnaby's Pietro Calendino and HospitalPayParking.ca's Jon Buss discuss eliminating pay parking at B.C. hospitals. Allan McGavin Sports Medicine's Jean-Francois Esculier talks about how to avoid getting hurt if you are only occasionally active.

51:44 | Jul 9th

Ridesharing Now for BC's Ian Tostenson and UBC's Sauder School of Business's Garland Chow talk about B.C.'s ride-hailing upcoming regulations. Well Seasoned gourmet food store's Angie Quaale discuss picnics, barbecues and other summer foods.

52:01 | Jul 8th

Team USA won the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. But members of the team are taking issue with women players being paid less men. Do women's sports get the attention they deserve? We discuss with Canada Soccer Hall of Famer, Carrie Serwetnyk. Then, What...Show More

52:09 | Jul 5th

Natural Resources Canada earthquake seismologist Alison Bird discusses preparation following earthquakes in B.C. and California. Zaklan Heritage Farm co-owner Gemma McNeill and Young Agrarians co-founder Sara Dent talk about farming and young people.

51:10 | Jul 4th

Coalition of Childcare Advocates of B.C.'s Sharon Gregson and B.C. Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen discuss child care spaces. Stellar Pet Care's Jennifer Misewich and West End Veterinary Clinic's Helene Childs discuss pet sitting and ca...Show More

50:16 | Jul 3rd

Green Vancouver Park commissioner Camil Dumont discusses drinking alcohol on beaches. Foundation Wealth partner Mark Ting discusses getting summer jobs.

50:18 | Jul 2nd

BC Ferry and Marine Workers' Union's Kevin Lee, Arete Training's Hugh Pelmore and Rumpus Room's Rachel Zottenberg talk about abusive customers in the service industry. Dancer and choreographer Kelly Konno talks about people taking classes as adults.

49:41 | Jun 28th

HappiestOutdoors.ca's Taryn Eyton discusses how to enjoy B.C. parks, while protecting the popular ones from being overrun. CBC Music's Jon Siddall helps our listeners share their favourite Canadian songs.

50:07 | Jun 27th

Durhane Wong-Rieger, President of the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders, discusses government support for people with rare disorders. Bob McDonald, host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, answers questions about space science.

51:02 | Jun 26th

Vancity's Catherine Ludgate and Vancouver procurement manager Shadi Doosta talk about how foreign work credentials are considered in Canada. Terry Fox Secondary's Ryan Cho and School District 91's Leona Price share stories about best teachers.

51:25 | Jun 25th

CBC reporter Jason Proctor talks about how Canada is handling the Meng Wanzhou extradition. Gwen Johansson, the former mayor of Hudson's Hope, talks about whether B.C. should stop having people adjust their clocks twice a year.

51:41 | Jun 24th

In response to increasing demand, the provincial government is making changes to the electric vehicle incentive program. We discuss with electric vehicle industry analyst and an advisor for Plug In B.C., Matthew Klippenstein. Then, Canadian non-profi...Show More

50:48 | Jun 21st

First Nations Education Steering Committee curriculum manager Jo Chrona discusses what needs to be done to educate young people about Indigenous perspectives. Minter Country Garden owner Master Gardener Brian Minter answers your questions.

51:01 | Jun 20th

Scout Magazine food writer Fernando Medrano, Layunin executive chef Andrew Alojado, Max's Restaurant manager Mike Garcia and half-Filipino BCIT grads Aiya Benaso and Aaron Guillen celebrate Filipino Heritage Month and favourite traditional food.

50:32 | Jun 19th

B.C. Seniors Advocate Isobel McKenzie talks about home support for seniors. BookNet Canada CEO Noah Genner and author Robert Wiersema talk about books (digital, audio, and physical).

1:45:27 | Jun 18th

Simon Fraser University's Sanjay Jeram, West Coast Environmental Law's Jessica Clogg, and the University of Calgary's Brian Livingston discuss the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep's Glenn Landry gives sleep advice.

51:40 | Jun 17th

We discuss the new federal government's dementia strategy with the Alzheimer Society of B.C.'s Jennifer Stewart. Then, how can we make active transportation in B.C. more accessible? Keynote speaker Amina Yasin discusses urban planning and inclusive i...Show More

50:05 | Jun 14th

Equal Play founder Carrie Serwetnyk and Night Hoops Basketball Society program coordinator Aman Jhutti discuss the impact of the Toronto Raptors' NBA win and Team Canada at the Women's World Cup. Filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns talks about fatherhood.

50:05 | Jun 13th

Civic Education Society president Ken Tung and University of Alberta China Institute director Gordon Houlden on the proposed China extradition law in Hong Kong. Work Smarter with Social Media author Alexandra Samuel talk about the best mobile apps.

50:24 | Jun 12th

Paul Kershaw discusses his report Straddling the Gap: A troubling portrait of home prices, earnings and affordability for younger Canadians. Steve Morgan reacts to the final report of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare.

50:16 | Jun 11th

UBC Graduate School of Journalism director Alfred Hermida on Canadians' distrust of news shared on social media. Forest Economic Advisors Canada managing director Russ Taylor and B.C. Forests Minister Doug Donaldson discuss sawmill closures in B.C.

51:46 | Jun 10th

The Prime Minister says his government will ban single-use plastics in Canada, such as bags, straws and cutlery, as early as 2021. How will you change the way you use plastic? We discuss with microplastics researcher Rhiannon Moore. Then, is the Toro...Show More

51:00 | Jun 7th

Victoria Coun. Ben Isitt and the CBC's Justin McElroy talk about Isitt's amendment to recover costs from Defence and Veterans Affairs for military events, such as Remembrance Day ceremonies, in the city. Brian Minter answers your gardening questions.

50:28 | Jun 6th

Military historian David Borys discusses D-Day. UBC's Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory director Kristin Campbell talks about how physical activity can prevent illness or to manage a condition.

50:15 | Jun 5th

Research Co. president Mario Canseco talks about the quality of children's school experiences. Brightside director of strategic initiatives Carolina Ibarra and Renewable Cities executive director Alex Boston talk about seniors' housing affordability.

50:41 | Jun 4th

Wake Up Surrey's Gurpreet Sahota and South Asian Community Coalition Against Youth Violence's Gira Bhatt talk about gang involvement and youth violence. Coastal Drone's Dawson Church answer questions about Canada's new drone regulations.

51:26 | Jun 3rd

The U.S. State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for U.S. visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers. It's a vast expansion of the Trump administration's enhanced screening of potential im...Show More

50:38 | May 31st

CBC's Chantelle Bellrichard highlights final report into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women national inquiry. CBC's Betsy Trumpener discusses Highway of Tears and victims. Executive director of Carrier Sekani's Family Services Mary Teegee and Nesk...Show More

49:36 | May 30th

CBC's legislative reporter Tanya Fletcher tells us about drama in the legislature. Vancouver Coastal Health's Dr. Meena Dawar talks about the increase in youth vaping. Love Food Hate Waste Canada's Bob Blumer and Joanne Gauci discuss how to handle fo...Show More

50:39 | May 29th

Open Media executive director Laura Tribe talks about the B.C government's announcement on cellphone billing. CAN-BIKE National Examiner Chuck Glover and CAN-BIKE Instructor Bruce Mol discuss learning to bike as an adult.

50:10 | May 28th

Central 1 Credit Union's Bryan Yu and Foundation Wealth's Mark Ting offer financial advice during a real estate slowdown. B.C. Spinal Cord Injury Research Resource Centre's Jocelyn Maffin and accessibility advocate Cathy Browne discuss accessibility.

51:29 | May 27th

Simon Fraser University lecturer Sanjay Jeram discusses former Liberal cabinet member Jody Wilson-Raybould's decision to run as an independent nearly two months after being expelled from the Prime Minister's party. CBC sport reporters Karin Larsen an...Show More

50:08 | May 24th

University of Fraser Valley Prof. Hamish Telford discusses the B.C. Court of Appeal's ruling on the Trans Mountain expansion. CBC Journalist Jason D'Souza and How to Ikigai author Tim Tamashiro talk about how high school shapes you.

50:24 | May 23rd

Penticton Coun. Judy Sentes, Pivot Legal Society lawyer Anna Cooper, and Penticton Development Services Director Anthony Haddad talk about how to deal with homelessness in downtown areas. B.C. Attorney General David Eby discusses money laundering.

49:36 | May 22nd

University of British Columbia associate professor Navid Shahnaz talks about how to reduce the risk of hearing loss at work. Rocky Point Bird Observatory vice-president Ann Nightingale talks about spotting birds during the spring migratory season.

49:52 | May 21st

The CBC's Yvette Brend and Coquitlam Search and Rescue's Mike Coyle talk about how to safely enjoy the outdoors with young children. Property tax agent Paul Sullivan and UBC's Tsur Somerville talk about the downturn in Metro Vancouver's real estate.

49:35 | May 17th

CBC intern Ely Bahhadi and Off Track Travel blogger Gemma Taylor share stories and advice about camping. Minter Gardens owner and Master Gardener Brian Minter answers your questions.

50:23 | May 16th

CBC B.C. reporter Tanya Fletcher and Integrity B.C.'s Dermod Travis talk about Beverley McLachlin's report into spending by Craig James and Gary Lenz. Tech writer Alexandra Samuel discusses how to manage technology and personal relationships.

50:05 | May 15th

CBC provincial affairs reporter Tanya Fletcher, Simon Fraser University political scientist Stewart Prest, and Research Co. President Mario Canseco talk about B.C.'s plans to hold a public inquiry into money laundering

50:35 | May 14th

Hexigent founder Ryan Duquette discusses app security and privacy following the WhatsApp hack attack. NPA Vancouver Coun. Sarah Kirby-Yung discusses her motion on responsibly disposing dog poop in the city.

50:21 | May 13th

The tragic death of a toddler who was left in a hot car last week has experts asking how to prevent such a situation from happening again. B.C. Wildfire service provides an update on ongoing blazes in B.C. We explore people's first summer jobs and ho...Show More

49:58 | May 10th

CBC meteorologist talks about different approaches to reporting the weather, in light of climate change and record temperatures. Psychiatrist and author of The Dolphin Parent Dr. Shimi Kang and her mother Gian Kang talk about advice from mothers.

50:19 | May 9th

University of B.C.'s Tom Davidoff, B.C. Finance Minister Carole James, B.C. Attorney General David Eby, B.C. Real Estate Association's Darlene Hyde, and Transparency International Canada's James Cohen talk about money laundering and real estate.

50:17 | May 8th

Canada Safety Council's Lewis Smith and lawyer Kyla Lee discuss B.C.'s plans for intersection safety cameras. Former Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre employee Russ Godfrey and Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert discuss rental housing.

49:10 | May 7th

The CBC's Tanya Fletcher and Vancouver Island University's Alex Netherton discuss the Nanaimo-Ladysmith byelection and the Green Party in Canada. Transparency International's James Cohen talks about money laundering, horse racing and luxury cars.

50:17 | May 6th

The CBC's Justin McElroy and the First Nations Summit's Grand Chief Ed John discuss statues of Judge Matthew Begbie. The CBC's Megan Thomas reports on a massive downtown Victoria fire. Today's Parent magazine's Kim Shiffman discusses baby names.

50:25 | May 3rd

Prince of Wales Secondary's Nina Rossing, University of British Columbia's Carissa Kirk and University of British Columbia's David Tindall discuss climate strikes and other protest movements. Master Gardener Brian Minter answers your questions.

45:32 | May 2nd

CBC reporter Karin Larsen and University of Winnipeg's professor emerita Sandy Kirby discussion sexual abuse cases with sports organizations. CBC reporter Lisa Christiansen discusses favourite music concerts. (Note: songs have been truncated online.)

51:18 | May 1st

Mount Royal University's Lori Williams, University of British Columbia's Joel Bakan, and Simon Fraser University's Sanjay Jeram discuss the B.C. government's reaction to Alberta's Bill 12, the so-called "turn off the taps" legislation.

50:46 | Apr 30th

Vancouver Coun. Rebecca Bligh and Cambie Village Business Association's Leonard Schein talk about property taxes and local businesses. Ocean Wise's Dr. Peter Ross and Disability Alliance B.C.'s Pam Horton talk about banning plastic straws.

51:34 | Apr 29th

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former head of the Asia-Pacific Bureau for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, on 5G technology, Huawei, and Canadian national security. Morgan Jensen, owner of JBS Home Improvement, on getting your home ready for warme...Show More

49:28 | Apr 26th

UBC Sauder School of Business's Werner Antweiler and University of the Fraser Valley's Hamish Telford on gas prices and the B.C. government. Tremblay Motors service manager Brad Tremblay answers questions about gas consumption and vehicle maintenance

50:11 | Apr 25th

University of Regina educational technology and media Prof. Alec Couros reacts to findings that Facebook has broken Canada's privacy laws. Langley Coun. Nathan Pachal discusses crowded bus routes and other public transit experiences.

50:40 | Apr 24th

B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry discusses decriminalizing the possession of illict drugs. Angela Crocker, author of Declutter Your Data: Take Charge of Your Data and Organize Your Digital Life, offers advice for your digital life.

49:46 | Apr 23rd

Vancouver City Coun. Pete Fry, former Vancouver city planner Sandy James, and lawyer Paul Doroshenko talk about lower speed limits for residential side streets in B.C. Dalhousie University Prof. Sylvain Charlebois talks about rising food prices.