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Casey Newton on the secret life of Facebook moderators

34:39 | Feb 26th, 2019

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In “The Trauma Floor,” The Verge’s Casey Newton uncovered the horrendous working conditions for contract Facebook moderators. On this week’s Vergecast, he and editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discuss how h...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 27th, 2019

Shocking reporting about what Facebook moderators do behind-the-scenes. We (or rather Facebook) need to value these people more for keeping Facebook mostly sane. The accompanying article that goes more in depth is here: More

alicekoMar 3rd, 2019

I started reading this article and I couldn’t even finish it

jspinelle recommended:Feb 27th, 2019

A great behind the scenes account of an equally great piece. Highly recommend subscribing to Casey’s newsletter.

mmFeb 27th, 2019

Thanks for echoing this @jspinelle! It was a really good episode. Can't wait to hear and read more of the Casey Newton's reporting in this area going forward.

mmFeb 27th, 2019

Just signed up for Casey's newsletter. Leaving the link to his newsletter here in case anyone comes across this and is interested:

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