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Kimberly H. Wolfson


Founder of WIFI (Women in FinTech Initiative). Follow my other Podyssey profile for @wifi as well. Software consultant (CRM, Mktg Automation). Music obsessed. Organic food. Paleo, keto, hiking, tennis, Amazon Prime shows. Podcast enthusiast!

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kimwaudio recommended:Jan 18th

A lot of election 101 education in here with a lot of focus on Iowa. There’s some interesting coalitions being formed in support or against Sanders and Warren. This is getting more and more interesting. Is being the first really that impactful? I wonder what the stats are on that.

Thu. 01/16 – Here Comes a Hot Mess in Iowa

Election Ride Home

kimwaudio recommended:Jan 18th

Some highlights of debate and overall election bits. There are some real contenders who weren’t in this last debate. It’s important that we all do our research and listen to and read about the candidates in multiple publications and broadcasts.

Wed. 01/15 – Only Women Win Elections

Election Ride Home

kimwaudio recommended:Jan 11th

Great insights from an expert entrepreneur and successful startup founder and best selling author. Check out his new solution and perspective on investing. Along with his insights and robust experience he shares a few effective tools to use when hiring employees (or accepting job offers) regarding s...Show More

The Lean Startup and the Long-Term Stock Exchange (with Eric Ries)