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Founder of WIFI (Women in FinTech Initiative). Follow my other Podyssey profile for @wifi as well. Software consultant (CRM, Mktg Automation). Music obsessed. Organic food. Paleo, keto, hiking, tennis, Amazon Prime shows. Podcast enthusiast!

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kimwaudio recommended:Feb 25th

Thanks, Liz (host) for inspiring me to seek adventures as often as possible, whether big or little. Finding adventures or meaning in our daily lives really is elevating and transformative. Kudos to you on stepping out of your comfort zone to seek adventures!

The Power of Adventure


kimwaudio recommended:Feb 19th

This is outdated (September), but given Michael Bloomberg will be participating in the debate tomorrow, I thought I’d share for those who are interested.

The Economist asks: Michael Bloomberg

Economist Radio

kimwaudio recommended:Feb 9th

Active listening or truly listening is much different than hearing someone. Active listening is a great way to practice empathy and being present. It is one of the areas in my life that I try to work very hard to do. If anyone wants to practice this workshop with me, or suggest personal growth semin...Show More

What Does It Take To Really Listen To Someone?

The Science of Happiness