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Digging Into 'American Dirt'

53:13 | Jan 29th

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The novel American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins was released this January with much anticipation. Oprah selected it to be part of her book club, writer Don Winslow called it, "a Grapes of Wrath for our tim...Show More


layne recommended:Feb 6th

Great background, insightful balanced discussion. Plus they interviewed the author. Really deepened my understanding of the issues around this novel, which are not clear-cut either pro or con.

mmFeb 7th

@layne I’ve hear so many people talking about this book in person and online now, so I need to know what it’s about. Would you say you need to read the book or some parts of it before listening to the podcast? Or can you just listen to the episode and get the gist of they controversy and the book?

layneFeb 7th

@mm I haven't read the book, and still got a lot out of the episode. The podcast doesn't really discuss the book itself too much, and certainly doesn't spoil it. It's more a podcast about the cultural reasons why American Dirt has generated so much controversy.

mmFeb 7th

@layne Ohhhh this is great info. Will take a listen! Thanks!

michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 5th

this is the only american dirt controversy content you need to hear to get the gist of the whole mess. you’ll hear the voices of those calling out the publishing industry & cummins herself πŸ€‘. the whole time i’m just maria is such an amazing interviewer lol

alicekoFeb 6th

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