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Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig

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You know those podcasts where famous people recount their lives and careers, and then things get emotional? That is NOT this show! Hosted by internet superstar Grace Helbig, "Not Too Deep" is a ridiculous, silly, and unapologetically superficial inte...Show More

1:04:54 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Since it’s National Name Your Car Day, Jack and I reminisce on our first cars and guess what’s in each other’s cars. Then Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy join … and they died. Not really! But we do plan our own funerals. This one is a bit morbid, but ...Show More

1:04:06 | Sep 2nd

Recorded: July 18, 2019 Mitchell Davis is back again for a monthly-ish episode! We’re keeping it loose as always and chatting about everything from Vidcon, to Terry Crews, to toilet paper.  Follow Mitchell:  ...Show More
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1:00:04 | Aug 26th

Recorded: July 18, 2019 Makeup artist Adelanie Morin shares how she started on YouTube, what it was like collaborating with Tarte Cosmetics,  and where she sees her career in television hosting going in the next few years. Later we’re joined by h...Show More

51:34 | Aug 19th

Recorded: May 29, 2019 Actress Francia Raisa joins me this week! We talk about her acting roles including “Grown-ish,” “The Secret Life of The American Teenager,” and “Life-Size 2.” She also has some amazing stories about icon Tyra Banks and wres...Show More

48:30 | Aug 12th

Recorded: May 29, 2019 ***SPOILER ALERT*** for “Orange Is The New Black at 8:52. Skip to the ads if you haven’t watched yet.  Actress, DJ, and animal activist Taryn Manning joins this week! She shares what living with her all her animals in P...Show More

52:13 | Aug 5th

Recorded: May 29, 2019 Actor and producer Havey Guillén shares how his work ethic was instilled in him at age six, and why going to a wine and cheese party led to his audition for FX’s “What We Do In The Shadows.” He alos shares his experience ex...Show More

1:00:19 | Jul 29th

Recorded: May 8, 2019 Remi Cruz shares how going to student council camp inspired her to post her first YouTube video, why she punched her brother in the face, and her full proof sober plan for after a night of drinking. She also has a crazy stor...Show More

1:02:20 | Jul 22nd

Recorded: May 8, 2019 Actress and comedian Maribeth Monroe shares why social media is hard for her, what drew her to The Second City, and why she misses working in commercials. She also shares what it’s like acting on “The Good Place” and “Workah...Show More

58:11 | Jul 15th

Recorded: May 1, 2019 Actor Nolan Gould joins me this week! He has ALL the documentary recs. He also shares how his tv dad Ty Burrell saved him from dying in the Grand Canyon and why “Ultimate Beastmaster” inspired him to take up rock climbing. ...Show More

1:05:54 | Jul 8th

Recorded: May 1, 2019 The very funny Mike Falzone joins me this week to share how performing music in a deli lead to him becoming a comedian. He also talks about his obsession with wrestling, what it was like to work with The Rock, and how he got...Show More

1:11:36 | Jul 1st

Recorded: April 29, 2019 Emmy Award winning actor Tony Hale joins me this week! He shares what he watches on YouTube, what it was like judging Drag Race, and his experience recording the voice of Forky for “Toy Story 4.” More

1:07:27 | Jun 24th

Recorded: April 24, 2019 Kandee Johnson is back! She’s sharing how she escaped the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, how she’s getting fit for her big upcoming birth, what she foresees as the next beauty trend, and why her kids are the best think tank for ...Show More

1:10:54 | Jun 17th

Recorded: April 26, 2019 Design guru Bobby Berk joins me this week! We bond over the many chain restaurants we both worked at, he shares all the suburban mall jobs he was fired from, and he gives us some inside information of Netflix’s “Queer Eye...Show More

55:06 | Jun 10th

Recorded: April 17, 2019 Writer/Producer and classical pianist (whoa!) Our Lady J joins me this week! She shares what it’s like writing for “Pose” and “Transparent,” how her obsession with Dolly Parton led to them becoming friends, and her favori...Show More

1:10:02 | Jun 3rd

Recorded: April 10, 2019 Creator, musician, and CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte is here this week! He shares what inspired him to co-found Patreon, how producing music led him to his wife and their group  Pomplamoose, and what the name of his funk ban...Show More

1:03:03 | May 27th

Actor Topher Grace joins me this week! We discuss his podcast, “Minor Adventures,” go into a deep dive of “Married at First Sight,” and he share about the time he was recognize as a juror on a murder trial. “Minor Adventures” More

02:45 | May 21st

Here’s a new podcast for you: Unladylike is a show about gender rules and the people who break them. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin tackle life’s important questions through their trademark obsessive research, stories from rule-breakin’ ladies, an...Show More

1:12:42 | May 20th

Recorded: March 27, 2019 James DeAngelis of Sugar Pine 7 joins me this week! He shares stories about the celebrities he spotted while working at a movie theater, why he enjoys going to CrossFit, and his rapper alter ego AKAAK47 the God. Sugar...Show More

1:23:28 | May 13th

Recorded: March 15, 2019 Lee and Steve are back (this time together) for another episode! We analyze the art of Bumble Baby, they share their dream theater roles, and we talk A LOT about “Cats.” Plus, we get even more insight on Trivia Bidet. ...Show More

1:03:52 | May 6th

Recorded: April 17, 2019 Mitchell Davis joins me for the 200th Episode! We’re sharing stories about our friendship that we’ve never shared, our first assumptions of each other, and Mitchell even has a new pant shitting story! Follow MitchellW...Show More

1:06:51 | Apr 29th

Recorded: March 15, 2019 Clayton James joins me this week! He shares how he created his character Cib, why he considers himself an undercover villain, and a hilarious story filled with sex and theft of CDs. Follow Clayton:Instagram: www.insta...Show More

1:19:31 | Apr 22nd

Recorded: March 6, 2019 The self-proclaimed boring half of The Valleyfolk (aka Joe Bereta and His Band of Perverts) Joe and Elliott join me this week! They share how they met while auditioning for SourceFed, a full explanation of the milk prank g...Show More

1:02:34 | Apr 15th

Recorded: April 2, 2019 Author and Comedian Chelsea Handler joins me this week! We’re talking about her new book “Life Will Be the Death of Me,” and her sit down comedy tour. She also shares how making a career of telling the truth has led to her...Show More

1:07:38 | Apr 8th

Recorded: March 27, 2019 Actress, director, and producer, Natalie Morales joins me this week! She shares how she balances her professional life and activism on social media and how she accidentally got high before doing an escape room. Watch her ...Show More

1:08:55 | Apr 1st

Recorded: March 6, 2019 This is our first official monthly episode with Mitchell Davis! He tells how he’s becoming an Anime Boy, we rant about Aquaman, and share lies parents tell their kids. Follow Mitchell:Website: More

55:17 | Mar 25th

Recorded: February 13, 2019 The entertaining Nick Colletti joins me this week! He shares how he started on Vine, what his favorite childhood cartoons were, and what’s it like doing stand up comedy for the first time. Also, check him out on Facebook ...Show More

59:11 | Mar 18th

Recorded: February 13, 2019 Actor, director, and comedian Jimmy Tatro joins me this week! He’s sharing his process for creating his Facebook Watch Series Real Bros of Simi Valley and the creative freedom he had on American Vandal. He also shares ...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

02:28 | Mar 13th

Here’s a new podcast for you: Just Between Us is a comedic variety show from co-dependent besties and New York Times best-selling authors Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn. It’s full of practical advice and completely necessary tangents, the hosts bring l...Show More

1:00:40 | Mar 11th

Recorded: January 30th, 2019 Bachelor Nation’s own Nick Viall here this week! He vents A LOT about the Rock and shares all the details on his essential oil line Natural Habits. Also, check out his podcast The Viall Files. Follow Nick: Twitter...Show More

55:27 | Mar 4th

Recorded: January 23rd, 2019 The delightful Elle Mills joins me this week! We talk about her family’s reaction to her marrying her sister’s boyfriend, her childhood crushes, and why she purposely peed herself at a convention. Follow Elle: Twi...Show More

55:53 | Feb 25th

Recorded: January 23rd, 2019 Jack Douglass aka jacksfilms joins me this week! He shares how making an Apple parody jump started his YouTube career, the long story of how he met his wife, and why he worships at the altar of Dave Matthews. Fol...Show More

57:28 | Feb 18th

Recorded: January 13th, 2019 Actress, writer, and creator Felicia Day joins me this week! We talk a lot about hair, she introduces me to Scummy Mommy Bloggers, and we plot out her child’s future. I also ask her about working on Bring It On: Again...Show More

55:19 | Feb 11th

Recorded January 9th, 2019 Comedian and retired math teacher Zainab Johnson joins me this week! She shares what it was like to perform on Late Night With Seth Meyers, why she’s choosing to be her authentic self in 2019, and how the movie Julie & ...Show More

57:27 | Feb 4th

Comedian Jeff Dye joins me this week! He shares how he was punked by a woman on a plane even though she was in his seat, a delightful story about having tea with Henry Winkler, and the cute reason he’s obsessed with wrestling. Go wish him a Happy Bir...Show More

1:00:24 | Jan 28th

Comedian Nikki Glaser is back! She shares why she’s hoping to return to “Dancing with the Stars,” how she fangirled over Paris Hilton, and her theory on who Instagram Stories are for. She’s also busy prepping for a new Netflix Comedy Special. Fo...Show More

1:00:46 | Jan 21st

Lane Moore joins me this week! She’s a writer, comedian, musician, and is sharing some funny and emotional stories. She updated us on her ongoing Twitter saga about Laundry Guy and shared her process for writing her book, “How to Be Alone.” She also ...Show More

1:02:03 | Jan 14th

Jane Marie joined me this week! She shares how she went from high school dropout to award winning journalist, how listening to the radio led her to interning at NPR, and her love of dick pics. She also talks “The Dream” - a podcast that delves into t...Show More

58:25 | Jan 7th

Actor Chris Geere is here this week! We’re discussing the last season of his show You’re The Worst, what it was like meeting the creators of Pokémon, and his love of soup. He also shares an amazing story about attending a Wedding Vendor award ceremon...Show More

1:26:22 | Dec 31st, 2018

Mitchell and Jack join me to review our predictions from 2018 (we were wrong A LOT) and make more predictions for 2019. Happy New Year! - Check out our website: - This episode is brought to you by our wonderful sponsors Bu...Show More

1:01:43 | Dec 24th, 2018

Joey Graceffa is back and this time with Daniel Preda! They’re sharing which celebrities they’ve been mistaken for, who would star in the movie adaptation of Joey’s Eden series, and behind the scenes info on Escape the Night. They also shared how the...Show More

1:07:41 | Dec 17th, 2018

Lily Marston is back this week! She’s sharing how she moved from behind the camera to the being the face of Defy Media, how her life has changed since leaving the company, and the advice she received from Shane Dawson. She also talks about her first ...Show More

59:49 | Dec 10th, 2018

This week I am joined by an online entertainer that’s not in porn, Barbara Dunkelman! She shares how she stalked Rooster Teeth for 7 years until they hired her and why she’s not being able to unsee some things she learned about her co-workers during ...Show More

1:02:12 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Actress Carly Craig joins me this week! We talk about how Tinder led her to both her fiance and her YouTube Premium show, “Sideswiped.” She also shares how she manifested working with Brad Pitt and why “Titanic” inspired her to move to Los Angeles. ...Show More

58:04 | Nov 26th, 2018

Hilarious actress Lyric Lewis joins me this week! She shared what it was like growing up in New Orleans and Minneapolis, why she named her dog Dr. Alan Grant, and ranked all of her favorite True Crime podcasts. She also witnessed Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ...Show More

1:03:36 | Nov 19th, 2018

Comedy duo Kimmy Gatewood & Rebekka Johnson join me this week. I go WAY back with these hilarious ladies. They share how they started working together, their prep for their GLOW auditions, and all about the other projects they’re writing and directin...Show More

1:08:28 | Nov 12th, 2018

Actress, writer, podcaster, and former “Real People” Model, Janet Varney is here this week! She shares all about her many, many projects, how she created the SF Sketchfest, and her affinity for escape rooms. She also talks about doing her own stunts ...Show More

1:07:40 | Nov 5th, 2018

Actor John Ross Bowie is here today! He shares memorable stories on how he bounced around temp jobs before acting, what it was like filming ABC’s “Speechless” in London, and why he’s confused about raising two kids. We also learn all about his punk s...Show More

1:13:27 | Oct 29th, 2018

Funny or Die’s insightful producer of political comedy, Brad Jenkins is here! He shares about his time in Obama’s White House, how you can get involved in politics, and how Bradley Cooper helped save the Affordable Act. Also - Vote on November 6th! ...Show More

1:02:57 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Delightful actress and director Cate Freedman is here this week! She shares all about her first time at Coachella and the beauty that is Beyonce. She also talks about her time on TV Land’s “Teachers,” and her experience directing “I Have Always Been ...Show More

1:08:12 | Oct 15th, 2018

Hilarious comedian, Bert “The Machine” Kreischer is on this week’s episode! He’s sharing stories about how he makes lifestyle changes out of spite, the time he came home and his dog was putting away dishes, and how he won his wife back with Coldplay....Show More

1:11:23 | Oct 8th, 2018

Lovely actor and fellow podcast host Candice King joins me! She has some interesting stories about tossing a football around with Joe Montana and her awesome plane ride with Diane Keaton. She also shares how “The Vampire Diaries” changed her life, an...Show More

1:16:08 | Oct 1st, 2018

Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar are back again for a special bonus episode. Zane and Heath share what it’s like living separately, some of their favorite moments from growing up in Florida, and we commemorate the 1 year anniversary of losing Big Red. Ma...Show More

1:24:17 | Sep 24th, 2018

Mitchell Davis is back once again! We of course have our classic rants, but we’re also doing things a little different this time. We delve into Mitchell’s internet origin story, and the craziness of organizing his first meetup. We also share how we’r...Show More

1:12:37 | Sep 17th, 2018

Media Personality, advocate, and tv host, Raymond Braun joins me this week! He’s giving us some inside information on his show, MTV’s “Catfish: Trolls.” He told me how he once confronted his own troll, and the surprising results. He also shared a few...Show More

1:13:01 | Sep 10th, 2018

Hilarious comedian Nicole Byer is here! She’s sharing how she prepped for her comedy special, behind the scenes spoofs and goofs from her Netflix show, “Nailed It!” and what it’s like to guest judge on “RuPaul’s: Drag Race.” Also check out her podcas...Show More

1:09:52 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Comedian and actor Ronny Chieng joined me this week! We talked about his transition from studying law to comedy, working with his heroes in “Crazy Rich Asians,” and how his comedy has evolved. We also talked about his show on Comedy Central, “Ronny C...Show More

1:07:42 | Aug 27th, 2018

The introspective Alyson Stoner joins me this week. The multi-talented singer, dancer, actor, and writer explains what it was like growing up in the entertainment industry, strange fan encounters, and the weird rumor about her having a glass eye. She...Show More

59:52 | Aug 20th, 2018

Delightful director and writer Bo Burnham joins me today and SURPRISE, he brought the star of his film, “Elsie Fisher,” with him. Bo shared why he decided to write from the female perspective and the deep research he did for the film. We also talked ...Show More

1:05:51 | Aug 13th, 2018

Kathryn Renée Thomas, one of the hilarious stars and creators of TV Land’s “Teachers,” joins me today. She shares how her comedy group, The Katydids (all named some form of Katherine) came about, her obsession with CrossFit, and what it’s like being ...Show More

1:08:02 | Aug 6th, 2018

Funny actress and creator Laura Clery is here! She’s teaching me all about Facebook Watch, the evolution of her character Helen, and her adorable pug Oliver. She also shares how water led her to her husband. - Follow Laura: - Facebook: https:/...Show More

1:06:54 | Jul 30th, 2018

Stand-Up Comedian Nick Turner joins me this week! We talk about obscure reality shows, why he starts fights with other Nick Turners, and his upcoming podcast, “How to Me Money Quickly.” He also shares about the time he threw a mic stand at an audienc...Show More

1:15:47 | Jul 23rd, 2018

This week we have a man of many skills, Alex Clark. He’s an animator, gamer, comedian, juggler, and probably a bunch of other stuff we didn’t even get to. We take a walk down nostalgia lane, remembering the TV shows “Zoom,” and “Bug Juice,” as well a...Show More

1:09:17 | Jul 16th, 2018

The reigning king of commercials, Brian Huskey joins us this week. We discuss his Adult Swim TV Special, “Mr. Neighbor’s House 2,” awkward commercial auditions, and his daughter “fart attacking” him with homemade slime. He also shares the secrets in ...Show More

1:08:44 | Jul 9th, 2018

Prepare yourself for non-stop laughter! This week we have the incredibly hilarious Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher. They’re sharing what qualities they want to pass off to their baby, how their dogs respond to the newborn, and their least words for ...Show More

58:48 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Straight from her Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere, actress Daniella Pineda joins us this week. She shares how she stumbled into acting, always being prepared to be a superhero, and what it was like work with animatronics. She also delights us...Show More

1:09:37 | Jun 25th, 2018

Actor, comedian, and writer, Colton Dunn joins this week. He shares spoofs and goofs from his NBC show, “Superstore,” fans thinking they know him from Target, and how he pulls over sometimes when it’s time to play HQ. He also talks about participatin...Show More

1:11:20 | Jun 18th, 2018

This week we have the internet’s favorite sex educator, Laci Green. We talked about everything from her controversial video shown in a high school, to her visit to a sex bot shop. She also shared about her upcoming book, “Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, ...Show More

1:19:38 | Jun 11th, 2018

Actor, comedian, and author, Jimmy O. Yang keeps us laughing this week. He shares stories from his book, “How to American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents,” like how he use to be a DJ in a strip club. We also talk about the develop...Show More

1:08:44 | Jun 4th, 2018

Actress and singer Arden Cho joins us this week. We’re talking about her new movie “The Honor List,” how her psychology degree lead her to acting, and her cute dog Chewy. She also shares how she stands up for herself as an actor and what grosses her ...Show More

1:05:49 | May 28th, 2018

This week we have the charming star from “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise,” and “Bachelor Winter Games,” Dean Unglert. We talked about the behind the scenes goofs and spoofs of reality television, his “Point Break” like adventure he wants to...Show More

1:09:22 | May 21st, 2018

Comedian Kurt Braunohler joined this week! He’s got some hilarious stories on being a father to a toddler, driving an enormous butt across the country on a truck, and posing awkwardly for his driver's license. He also shared about the time he walked ...Show More

54:11 | May 14th, 2018

Hilarious comedian and podcast host Heather McDonald joined us this week. She shared what it’s like being friends with some of the Real Housewives, touring only cute cities across the US, and renaming her sorority reunion “HeatherFest.” Also, check o...Show More

1:18:29 | May 7th, 2018

Actress and fellow podcast host Meghan Rienks joins us this week! She shares about helping create the story for her new movie, “The Honor List,” and only having herself to blame for the awkward nude scene. She’s started a lifestyle subscription box, ...Show More

1:11:23 | Apr 30th, 2018

Comedian, writer, and actress, Jamie Lee joins us this week! She talks about her shows HBO’s “Crashing,” and MTV’s “Girl Code.” She shares some highs and lows of touring as a stand-up comedian. She also discusses marriage and her book, “Weddiculous: ...Show More

1:13:36 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Actor and comedian Thomas Middleditch is a man of many stories. He shared about how he illegally immigrated to the US from Canada, having a viral McDonald’s video, and his brief but eventful stint working on a cruise ship. He discussed his friendship...Show More

1:09:33 | Apr 16th, 2018

Actress, author, and scientist, Mayim Bialik joins us this week! She shares her transition from child actress to PhD graduate to why she started acting again. We also discuss her books, “Girling Up,” and the soon to be released, “Boying Up.” This epi...Show More

1:12:40 | Apr 9th, 2018

Jack and I are talking our music festival experiences, plus we have one of the “Witches of WeHo” here, Stassi Schroeder! She dishes on all of her reality TV experiences, starting from her humble beginnings, lying her way onto “Queen Bees,” her goth p...Show More

1:18:59 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Jack’s sharing all about his catfish experience, plus Mamrie Hart’s back, y’all! She has hilarious tales from the tour for her new book, “I've Got This Round: More Tales of Debauchery.” We also discuss our new show, “This Might Get…” and the time an ...Show More

1:11:05 | Mar 26th, 2018

Buzzfeed’s duo Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman and boy do they have some hilarious stories. For example -  on the way over to record this show, Kate took a picture of Kelsey’s feet for a fan. They also shared how they started working together, Kelse...Show More

1:18:55 | Mar 19th, 2018

The man from the floor himself, Livelavalive aka Mitchell Davis is back again! This time we’re finding out who our celebrity BFF is, what’s our aura, and what type of trash we are. This is really a podcast episode of self-discovery. - Follow Mitc...Show More

1:22:19 | Mar 12th, 2018

All the way from London (by way of Ireland) Hazel Hayes joined us this week and she’s an absolute delight. She shared her journey on becoming an actress, then director, and writer. We chatted about her beautiful Uber experience and also discussed the...Show More

1:08:58 | Mar 5th, 2018

This week we have the future of YouTube - Steven Suptic. He breaks down the creative process of Sugar Pine 7, and the timeline of how they formed their collective. He also told us about his terrible car accident, proposing to his girlfriend in Icelan...Show More

1:09:02 | Feb 26th, 2018

WWE on-air personality Renee Young flew straight from Birmingham, Alabama to Los Angeles, California just to be on this week’s show! We talked about her adorable bulldog Blue, dreams to star in a Holiday Hallmark Movie (possibly Roller Derby Themed!)...Show More

1:11:05 | Feb 19th, 2018

This week we have the very funny Ashly Perez! We talked about her Buzzfeed beginning and now life after Buzzfeed. She shared her love of Oprah, her weird (but hilarious) encounter with her Sorority Sister, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and how dancing made he...Show More

1:33:34 | Feb 12th, 2018

We’re back! We’ve got a longer show and more fun with guests! This week comedian and retired biological engineer (not kidding!!) Brooks Wheelan joins us on the podcast. He told us all about his new podcast, “Entry Level,” growing up on a farm, and hi...Show More

02:17 | Feb 5th, 2018

We’re back next week!!! Brand new episodes of “Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig” coming your way February 12th, 2018. That is all. See you soon.

1:21:31 | Jan 8th, 2018

Here’s a special episode we recorded live during the New York Comedy Festival at the Gramercy Theater in front of a very Taylor Swift-obsessed audience, back on November 11, 2017. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger and author of “Girl Logic: The Genius and th...Show More

1:13:18 | Jan 1st, 2018

Happy New Year! Mitchell Davis is here again and he’s helping us predict what’s going to happen in 2018. What will be the biggest news story? What will be the hottest catch phrase? What new fictional character will everyone fall in love with? Who’s g...Show More

1:01:59 | Dec 25th, 2017

It’s Christmas, but we’re looking ahead to the New Year by discussing our 2018 resolutions. Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson of the Guys We F***ed podcast joined and discussed their tour and new book, “F*CKED: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-...Show More

1:03:52 | Dec 18th, 2017

The holiday season is here! Jack and I discuss our favorite Christmas traditions and try to figure out (who gifted) some crazy holiday presents to celebrities. Then actor and comedian Josh Peck joins and we learn more about Hanukkah. He also shares h...Show More

1:10:19 | Dec 11th, 2017

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” comes out this week (not sponsored) so we’re talking about our favorite Star Wars moments. I reveal my childhood (ugly but attractive) crush, then Jack quizzes me on what kind of Jedi Knight I would be. We also have the oth...Show More

1:14:48 | Dec 4th, 2017

It’s Santa’s List Day! Have you been naughty or nice? Our friend, and co-founder of D20 Supplements, Jarrett Sleeper is back and we share the good and bad things we’ve done this year. Jarrett also brought his own bits from a show we developed that ne...Show More

1:08:31 | Nov 27th, 2017

Holiday Shopping is here! Jack and I review some of the must-have toys from Christmases past and present, and share some of our favorite Black Friday stories. Then half of Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys - Ned and Keith - join and share who they would rather...Show More

1:07:48 | Nov 20th, 2017

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we think it’s time for a reboot! Jack and I pitch some ideas on how we think Thanksgiving can be revamped for more international appeal. Then, author of “Everything is Awful” and People’s Choice Award Winner, Matt Bellass...Show More

1:09:10 | Nov 13th, 2017

It’s World Kindness Day so Jack and I are reverse-trolling some of your mean comments. Then actor, comedian, and Streamy Award winning Costume Designer Brandon Rogers joins us on the couch! He shares about his shows “Magic Funhouse” and “Stuff & Sam....Show More

1:05:07 | Nov 6th, 2017

Hannah Hart is back again! It’s National Novel Writing Month! She’s a two-time author so those things kind of go together. We’re giving book reports on odd novel covers (see pics in the links below), chatting about Hannah’s show, “I Hart Food,” and d...Show More

1:02:09 | Oct 30th, 2017

It’s Halloween, so you know what that means! Gabbie Hanna is back and she’s been super busy! She’s released a new single, wrote and illustrated a book called, “Adultolescence,” and is a host on the reboot of “TRL.” She also shared a crazy story about...Show More

1:10:33 | Oct 23rd, 2017

Fall TV has premiered! Jack and I talk about some of our favorite returning shows and we judge new shows based on their titles. Iconic duo and founders of the @ Pack Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko test their relationship with knowledge with the ...Show More

1:08:55 | Oct 16th, 2017

It was World Space Week and so naturally Jack and I dressed as astronauts! (see link below). Jack quizzed me on if words were Star Trek species or real world languages. Then the hilarious and sweet Jason Nash joins and shares how he balances being a ...Show More

1:01:55 | Oct 9th, 2017

October is National Sarcasm Awareness Month. Jack and I read sarcastic comments left by fans. Then, Thomas Sanders joins and teaches us how to make misleading compliments. We also pitch the worst videos of all times. See our tweets and costumes here...Show More

1:06:39 | Sep 25th, 2017

It’s my birthday! It’s Jack’s birthday! And to celebrate, we’re exchanging gifts! Also, September is Self-Improvement Month so we’re creating our own motivational speaker personas and retreats. Then, comedian and star of “Dave Made a Maze” Nick Thune...Show More

1:04:01 | Sep 18th, 2017

Mitchell Davis has crawled out of the floor to join us this week. This episode has it all! We’re celebrating Oktoberfest, ranting about random topics, and guessing what old movies are based on their posters. The gang’s all back (and drunk) together! ...Show More

1:10:47 | Sep 11th, 2017

The new school is here! Jack, Mitchell, and I share our favorite first day of school stories. We also play guidance counselor and give our best back to school advice! Then the lovely Gigi Gorgeous joins and reviews the hottest fall fashion trends. ...Show More

1:12:37 | Sep 4th, 2017

It’s Labor Day! So Jack and I decided to wear all white (see pic in the link below) and discuss some of our bad job experiences. We also guessed the first job of some celebrities. Then Nathan Zed joins us and schools me in Hip Hop. He’s definitely “G...Show More

1:12:11 | Aug 28th, 2017

August is almost over but in case you didn’t know, it’s Romance Awareness Month! Jack and I discuss some of our bad date experiences and seek better date ideas from Cosmo Magazine. Then Caspar Lee joins and we discuss his bromances with Joe Sugg and ...Show More

1:17:40 | Aug 21st, 2017

Women’s Equality Day is August 26th and we’re celebrating the women we admire! Also, the charming and entertaining Todrick Hall debates “Wizard of Oz” conspiracy theories with us. Then we discuss our favorite drag queen names! See our tweets and...Show More

1:07:49 | Aug 14th, 2017

Another episode, another day of laryngitis. It’s the Dog Days of Summer! Jack and I are sharing our fondest Summer memories -- like going to the shore in New Jersey! (It's nicer than it sounds) Then, Kristen McAtee joins with tales about her new life...Show More

1:11:12 | Aug 7th, 2017

Straight from VidCon and my voice sounds terrible! Sorry! BUT, I managed to talk with Jack about SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING. Also, the lovely and super-talented Dodie Clark joined us and she attempted to help me with my laryngitis by doing vocal ex...Show More

1:15:21 | Jul 31st, 2017

To celebrate International Friendship Day, Jack and I played The Newly Friends Game. Then, the #2 Most Eligible Bachelor Cody Ko joined us and we re-imagined some real life fanfics written about us, with the help of some Mad Libs. See our tweets ...Show More

1:18:26 | Jul 24th, 2017

Electra Woman here, along with my new sidekick, “Dick Guy!” (aka Jack), to talk all things Comic Con! We review personal ads from the convention last year and get insider tips from Nerdists’ Chris Hardwick. See our tweets, outfits, and personal ads...Show More

1:09:10 | Jul 17th, 2017

Jack and I are celebrating two things that naturally go together - National Hot Dog Day and the new season of GAME OF THRONES. Then, Epic Rap Battle’s Lloyd Ahlquist joins us with stories of improv camp and Blake Griffin visiting his comedy club. J...Show More

1:14:40 | Jul 10th, 2017

“Embrace Your Geekness Day” is July 13th and to celebrate Jack and I are geeking out over some of our favorite things. We also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the iconic Hanson song, “MMMBop.” Rapper Hoodie Allen joins us and we dissects his lyr...Show More

1:13:58 | Jul 3rd, 2017

Independence Day is here! That means parades, barbecues, and fireworks! Jack and I discuss different parades around the world and some strange foods to grill. Matt King joins for everyone’s new favorite 4th of July Game - “Founding Father or Michael ...Show More

1:11:52 | Jun 26th, 2017

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING. This week Jack and I make snap judgments about Big Brother 19 contestants. Gamer Markiplier joins and we guess if some wacky names are “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” or video game characters. Then we test out some fidget toys...Show More

1:05:52 | Jun 19th, 2017

With Father’s Day nearing, this episode is all about parents! Jack and I shared stories about our dads and revealed our favorite TV DILFs. Comedian and new mom GloZell Green joined us, giving hilariously useful advice to other parents. Also, lots of ...Show More

1:05:11 | Jun 12th, 2017

This episode is all about music, including The Tony Awards! Then, Jack reads some sleazy song lyrics! And I got super excited to have the multi-talented Lindsey Stirling join me on the couch! Grace’s Instagram Photo: More

1:06:02 | Jun 5th, 2017

We’re back and better than ever! We’ve got more segments, more games, and more fun! Oh, and internet prankster David Dobrik! I quizzed David on how well he knows his friends, he told a sweet story about making a ring for Liza Koshy, and let me in on ...Show More

1:12:52 | May 15th, 2017

I am delighted to have the hilarious Liza Koshy join me this week. She told me all about her huge crush on “Ross from Friends,” getting kicked out of 3 Ikeas in one day for fake masturbating on a bed, and covering her pillow in wax paper to sooth her...Show More

1:12:45 | May 8th, 2017

I’m so excited to have actress, author, and YouTuber Jenn McAllister (aka jennxpenn) on this week’s show! She explains what it was like to film a masturbation scene for her show FOURSOME, her experience backpacking through Europe, and why a suction-c...Show More

1:07:04 | Apr 30th, 2017

This week we have former C*** Killer gang members Scott Sire & Todd Smith. They indulged me with stories of waxing their balls, Postmating condoms, and going to Coachella. They also discussed Todd’s time on a reality tv show and the origin of “Too Mu...Show More

1:08:56 | Apr 24th, 2017

Whoa! This is the 100th Episode of Not Too Deep! So we invited Mitchell Davis to guest-host and [**spoiler alert**] I’m the guest! Mitchell asked me some classic questions that I’ve asked my guests over the years, and we reminisced over some of our f...Show More

1:08:23 | Apr 17th, 2017

This week we have double the funny with your favorite Floridian friends... Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar! They told me the origin story of their friendship, drunken tales of tattoos getting infected (and falling off??), and how they successfully threa...Show More

1:05:54 | Apr 10th, 2017

The hilarious Nikki Glaser joins me this week. This episode covers SO many things. We dive deep into ASMR, Nikki’s addiction to observing plastic surgery, and her accidentally getting her dog off. Lifehack: Did you know that jamming a vibrator into y...Show More

1:05:45 | Apr 3rd, 2017

I’m so excited to finally have the queen of positivity, Lilly Singh, join me this week. She has a new book, HOW TO BE A BAWSE, and she told me all about the writing process and her experience recording the audio book. She also shares drunken birthday...Show More

1:06:57 | Mar 27th, 2017

Lifestyle guru Meghan Rienks talks scamming her way through college (before dropping out), her Twitter alter-ego “Natasha,” and her new podcast: DON’T BLAME ME! - If you want to ask a question for Meghan's podcast, the number to call is: (310) 694-09...Show More

1:02:23 | Mar 20th, 2017

Beauty vlogger and author of "MAKE YOUR MIND UP: MY GUIDE TO FINDING YOUR OWN STYLE, LIFE, AND MOTAVATION" Bethany Mota is here to delight us with tales of: Being too basic, love of coffee, and how she tricked a friend into taking her to prom (while ...Show More

1:00:20 | Mar 13th, 2017

We have triple threat and the star of the CW’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Rachel Bloom on this week’s show! We bonded over a lot of things, mainly our mutual bathroom love of poopourri and squatty potties. She even gives Japanese bidets as gifts. We also ch...Show More

1:02:24 | Mar 6th, 2017

Greg and Mitch of AsapSCIENCE are such a delight! They shared some hilarious stories about a dangerous trip to Bangladesh where they had a 10-year-old taxi driver, going to see Jennifer Hudson with old people at a casino, and Greg has a visceral reac...Show More

55:59 | Feb 27th, 2017

Former Apple Store dancer Trevor Moran amuses with tales of sneaking a pic of Lady Gaga’s beauty products, and turning Tyler, The Creator away at a party. See Ya! - If you’d like to WATCH Not Too Deep, head on over to and si...Show More

1:06:37 | Feb 20th, 2017

Fellow podcaster, comedian, and man of many talents, Pete Holmes is on this week’s episode. He stars in the new series CRASHING and has his own comedy special FACES AND SOUNDS, both on HBO. He shares his horticultural appreciation of Disneyland, unpl...Show More

59:04 | Feb 13th, 2017

Rapper and YouTuber Tim DeLaGhetto shares why he passed on Hamilton, his love of worshipping butts, and getting his penis slapped by a drunk Ninja Turtle. You need to know! - If you’d like to WATCH Not Too Deep, head on over to More

59:29 | Feb 6th, 2017

This very special (and very sexual?) episode was recorded live at VidCon 2016. Louise Pentland, aka Sprinkle of Glitter, is back to chat about sex dreams, freaking out over sexy neighbors, and being mistaken for a cam girl. We also play a fun new gam...Show More

1:00:01 | Jan 30th, 2017

This week I am joined by the sweetest miss Alexa Losey! Jack and I spent a lot of time trying to guess who her crush is. Then she shared how Snow White devastated her as a child, why she screams in her sleep (when good things are happening in her lif...Show More

1:01:12 | Jan 23rd, 2017

Fellow podcast host Alexis G Zall joins me for a hilarious episode this week! She shared what she’d discuss with Rihanna, why her mouth went numb from condoms, and her thoughts on poking Hillary Clinton. - It might be worth noting that this episode w...Show More

1:05:21 | Jan 16th, 2017

Warning: This episode is super explicit. Willam Belli, Drag Queen and author of SUCK LESS: WHERE’S THERE’S A WILLAM, THERE’S A WAY, is a man of many stories. Guess what he did in a Dave & Buster’s parking lot, where his favorite place to perform is, ...Show More

1:04:54 | Jan 9th, 2017

Join me this week for a very informative episode with Philip DeFranco! Hear about his mortifying (but brief) acting stint, how he initially friendzoned his wife, and his evolution as an internet person. - If you’d like to WATCH Not Too Deep, head on ...Show More

1:13:12 | Jan 2nd, 2017

2016 has been pretty bonkers! So I invited Mitchell Davis and Producer-Director Jack Ferry to rant about the highs and lows of last year. We dove into the election, Mitchell shared an interesting way to say Benedict Cumberbatch, and we discussed what...Show More

1:02:38 | Dec 25th, 2016

The incredibly talented Jon Cozart is here this week! We chatted about the origins of his channel (Paint), traveling through Vietnam, and that time he eavesdropped on me at Vidcon! It's very awkward and I get incredibly uncomfortable! - If you’d like...Show More

1:03:23 | Dec 18th, 2016

This week Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of YouTube channel SMOSH and stars of the new film GHOSTMATES, drop in. They share their first impressions of each other, haircut tragedies of the past, and their favorite qualities in each other. They also pi...Show More

11:36 | Dec 12th, 2016

We're off this week to do some housekeeping, so use this time to get caught up on this season of Not Too Deep! And while you're there, leave us a review! We'll be back next week with and all new episode!

57:29 | Dec 5th, 2016

TV host, red carpet correspondent, and author Ross Mathews explains how to age gracefully by living like you’re already old, our shared love of Supermarket Sweep and the Squatty Potty, the time he tried to dye his hair like Ginger Spice, and how Gwyn...Show More

1:12:18 | Nov 28th, 2016

This week I'm joined by some of the lovely ladies of ClevverTV - Joslyn Davis and Lily Marston. Turns out, we’re mutually obsessed with each another. Fun Facts: Joslyn is penpals with Joey Fatone’s dad and Lily had a traumatic plane experience which ...Show More

1:09:52 | Nov 20th, 2016

Hey guys! Tyler Oakley is back and this time he brought along his best friend Korey Kuhl! They both shared some incredibly hilarious stories like Korey’s imaginary lizard man friend and his childhood obsession with aliens and Tyler’s defective clock...Show More

1:00:06 | Nov 13th, 2016

The amazingly talented makeup transformation artist Kandee Johnson is here! She shares some very interesting stories, like how Erykah Badu inspired her to shave her head, how she kept it cool when meeting Gwen Stefani, and her past as a circus horse ...Show More

1:03:05 | Nov 7th, 2016

The (surprisingly Matt Damon obsessed) Jake & Amir discuss which items they would smuggle up their butts, why one of them caressed Kanye West, and some new pro-tips for Tinder! - Want to WATCH this podcast every Monday (and a week early)? Go to Fulls...Show More

1:03:44 | Oct 31st, 2016

The Gabbie Show (Gabbie Hanna) returns for Halloween with even more spooky tales! She gives an in-depth account of her haunted hotel stay in Miami, I discover that I have the potential to astral-project, and Jack thinks he has a rapper living in his ...Show More

1:06:56 | Oct 15th, 2016

This week we have old soul, star of MR. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT, and retired cheerleader Arden Rose! Did you know that Rebecca Black was her matchmaker? She shared this, her thoughts on being a hipster, and her love of oatmeal, and more! - Head over t...Show More

1:08:29 | Oct 15th, 2016

Motivational speaker, best-selling author, paralympian, and master of Halloween costumes, Josh Sundquist, joins me this week on the podcast. He is recently married and shared his few (but important) contributions to the wedding ceremony, as well as h...Show More

56:05 | Oct 10th, 2016

Hey Rats! Check out my conversation with the hilarious Mitch Grassi & Scott Hoying of SUP3RFRUIT (and Pentatonix) on this week’s Not Too Deep! We discuss many important topics, such as what color Beyonce & Rihanna’s baby’s eyes would be, whether or n...Show More

1:01:23 | Oct 3rd, 2016

I’m so lucky to have all-around delightful human and host of FINDING PRINCE CHARMING - Lance Bass - on this week’s show! Hear about the time *NSYNC opened for the Chippendales, how he got his wedding guests drunk on moonshine, and that time he dresse...Show More

58:58 | Sep 26th, 2016

Hannah and Mamrie are BACK! And this time, in the same episode! Yes, the gang’s all here for this special episode to discuss our new film, DIRTY 30! Listen to us dish on all things behind-the-scenes. Like what it was like filming in the cold -- which...Show More

1:05:31 | Sep 19th, 2016

Mitchell Davis, Producer/Director Jack Ferry, and I are all together again for another rant! It’s chillier, school’s back, and Summer is over! Which means Autumn is here! Join us as we talk about what we hate most about Fall, how Mitchell’s micro cat...Show More

58:11 | Sep 12th, 2016

Aaaaaand we're back! And better than ever! - We return from hiatus with Rosanna Pansino, delightful human and host of Nerdy Nummies, who drops in to talk about her love of 90s R&B, working with her family, her "perfect" recipe, and "low-class" cakes....Show More

01:14 | Sep 6th, 2016

We're coming back! An all new season of Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, starting September 12th! See you then. (That is all)

1:03:05 | May 30th, 2016

Scorching heat, mosquito bites, and sunburn. Don’t you just hate the Summer? No? Ok, well we needed something to rant about, so producer/director Jack Ferry, Mitchell Davis, and I are back at it again... ranting all about the Summer season! Learn mor...Show More

51:05 | May 23rd, 2016

Fresh from his tour, I sat down with wonderful human, Ricky Dillon (aka Ricky P. Dillon), a few weeks ago - and he regaled me with hilarious stories from his travels. Spoiler alert, keep your distance if you're trailing behind a tour bus, you guys. Y...Show More

1:03:43 | May 16th, 2016

Join me this week for my very special guest, Hank Green! We get into all the important issues: LA vs Montana, farts, and how to scam your local movie theater out of the most peanut M&Ms. But, seriously. Guys. I'm just going to warn you now -- this ep...Show More

1:10:36 | May 9th, 2016

Hey guys, we need to take this week to adjust some technical things on our end, but we will be back next week with a fresh new episode with Hank Green! In the meantime, I wanted to repost this very funny interview I did with Brittany Furlan, because ...Show More

55:55 | May 2nd, 2016

Well, you guys are in for a hilarious treat. My dear friend - the absurdly funny DIY goddess, Joselyn Hughes - is here with some ridiculous stories about dog sex, car explosions, and (of course) arts & craft fails. Enjoy! - This episode is brought to...Show More

1:02:26 | Apr 25th, 2016

Fair warning guys. I’ve maybe never laughed harder - or talked more about dogs - than I did this week with the lovable and hilarious Lee Newton. There were times I was laughing so hard, I almost started choking. ARMS UP!! - This episode is brought to...Show More

57:31 | Apr 18th, 2016

I am VERY excited to have one of my favorite vloggers, now graphic novelist, master prankster, and former roofer on this podcast. It's Joe Sugg, of course. Join us for what may be my hardest-hitting interview yet! Topics include: the best foods to sl...Show More

1:07:04 | Apr 11th, 2016

Turns out Mikey Murphy and I have quite a bit in common: co-starring in "Dirty 30," our love of dogs, our proud New Jersey heritage, and so much more! We had a delightful chat about how he discovered the joy of cleaning his apartment, his (controvers...Show More

1:01:35 | Apr 4th, 2016

The amazingly creative LaurDIY (Lauren Riihimaki) is here this week! Hear about her perfectly normal life growing up in Canada, (which included making a fake arm for her grandmother), and our shared love of dogs and DIY. - This episode is brought you...Show More

59:01 | Mar 28th, 2016

This week I sit down with dancer, actor, business man, food challenge king, and friend... D-Trix! We talk about his guilty pleasures (warning, he's very honest about this), his favorite "restaurant" (haha), and why exactly he is so obsessed with Moun...Show More

1:02:19 | Mar 21st, 2016

Hannah Hart is back! We had a completely normal conversation about favorite soups, what type of animal we’d want as our assistants, and her 2016 look! - This episode is brought to you for free by our amazing sponsors Third Love, Warby Parker, and Aud...Show More

1:06:46 | Mar 14th, 2016

So many laffs this week with actor, host, singer, dancer, and man of too many talents, Mr Frankie J Grande. Listen to his many incredible impressions! Hear about his time on Broadway and in the Big Brother House! Worry about his dangerous obsession ...Show More

1:11:06 | Mar 7th, 2016

I’m delighted to have my good friend, actor, producer, and butcher(!), Jarrett Sleeper on this week’s episode. Yes, we veered a little off course and MAY have gotten a bit too deep at times. But we still laughed our asses off. So find out which emoji...Show More

1:03:37 | Feb 28th, 2016

I'm super excited about this week's guest, because she is both hilarious and very nice. And those are two qualities that I truly appreciate. It's actress, comedian, and Viner Brittany Furlan! - I feel like we really got to know each other, through ou...Show More

59:52 | Feb 22nd, 2016

Actress, YouTuber, and - most importantly - my dear friend Nikki Limo is back for this week’s episode of Not Too Deep. Nikki recently got engaged, so we’re talking all things wedding. Like, what it was like being completely drunk and having someone p...Show More

1:09:40 | Feb 15th, 2016

One of my favorite YouTubers, the hilarious Drew Monson, joined me on the podcast this week and I could not stop laughing. You'll see why. We really get into it, answering all the serious questions. Like, why does Goofy want to cut his hair so badly?...Show More

1:03:57 | Feb 8th, 2016

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! Did you enjoy our little break? I hope so. Because it's over now. Time to get back. into. IT. And seeing as how Valentine's Day is soon upon us, I thought we'd kick off Year 3 of Not Too Deep with another round of rants with M...Show More

1:15:44 | Dec 28th, 2015

You’ve asked for it, and, welp -- it’s finally here. Producer & Director of this very podcast, Jack Ferry, is finally in the guest chair! And I sure took advantage of the opportunity, asking him ALL the pressing questions you've been dying to know th...Show More

1:12:24 | Dec 21st, 2015

What? You think we WEREN'T going to review the movie Krampus?? Yes, it may have started as a joke on the podcast, but Mitchell Davis, Jack Ferry, and I all actually went to see the movie, and here is our completely unsolicited review. - Spoiler Alert...Show More

51:44 | Dec 14th, 2015

Woah! Can you believe we’ve made it to Episode 50??? My special guest this week is the wonderful Connor Franta. Here we chat a lot about his home state’s greatest contributions to the US: mostly The Mall of America and Target. We also delve into some...Show More

1:11:43 | Dec 7th, 2015

Mitchell Davis is BACK. And we’re doing what we do best: Rants! This time we’re coming after you, Christmas. Mitchell, Jack, and I tackle important holiday issues such as: Winter in LA, why mistletoe doesn't have an app yet, and the joy of Black Fri...Show More

57:41 | Nov 21st, 2015

Fun and always-bubbly Meg DeAngelis(YouTube's MayBaby) dropped by this week, and I couldn't be more excited. The sweet do-it-yourselfer, actress, and singer shared what it was like growing up in Canada AND Germany, how she attended Hogwarts in her pa...Show More

59:06 | Nov 21st, 2015

This week I am very excited to be joined with nomad and avid daily vlogger Louis Cole, aka FunForLouis! He has some crazy interesting stories, like the time he was arrested straight off an airplane, and the reason for his hilariously bizarre affinity...Show More

55:25 | Nov 16th, 2015

DELIGHTED to have my friend Meghan Tonjes on the podcast this week. We met a few years ago in the lobby of Vidcon, where I spotted her drinking an entire bottle of wine and I said, "we must be friends." So here we are! Please enjoy this hilarious cha...Show More

1:09:59 | Nov 9th, 2015

Welp, October is over. So that means it's time to pack up your Sexy Nurse, Sexy Bunny, and Sexy Minion costumes and get ready to give thanks! Because November. And what better way to thank YOU, my loyal listeners, than by offering you this hilarious ...Show More

51:33 | Nov 2nd, 2015

Lisa Schwartz, aka Lisbug on YouTube, swings by the podcast this week! FUN FACT, Lisa used to be a birthday party princess, which, YES, is as absurd as it sounds. She regales us with some hilarious stories about that, as well as her time working in D...Show More

1:03:08 | Oct 25th, 2015

I've been following the incredible Megan Batoon for a WHILE now, and I’m so happy she agreed to sit down with me. She’s an amazing dancer, host, comedian, and a Queen of Puns. In this episode, you get to hear me spill a bloody mary all over my comput...Show More

1:05:55 | Oct 19th, 2015

Get ready for some more spooooooooky fun! Gabbie Hanna (aka The Gabbie Show) joins me this week, and she. is. a. delight. - If you don't know her, she's one of my favorite up-and-coming YouTubers and Vine stars. She has so many funny stories. So many...Show More

1:05:05 | Oct 12th, 2015

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaa-aaaack..! Sorry, did I scare you? Don't be scared. It's only returning guest (as well as maybe our most awkward podcast guest?) Chester See! - In honor of the upcoming holiday, this week Jack Ferry and I sit down wit...Show More

1:13:42 | Oct 5th, 2015

Our first live episode! I'm so excited for this one, as it features return guest Harley Morenstein, who flew back to Canada just to be on this show. WHAT. A. GUY. And, as always, he was totally hilarious. So, enjoy! - Special thanks to Just For Laugh...Show More

1:01:30 | Sep 28th, 2015

This week, I thought it would be super fun to invite my dear friend Mamrie Hart back to the podcast to help me dish out some relationship advice, by answering all of your burning questions about love. We share some wonderfully embarrassing stories ab...Show More

56:53 | Sep 20th, 2015

Guys! It finally happened. Queen of the internet, Jenna Marbles, has joined us for this week’s episode of Not Too Deep! Learn about delicious dishes knows as Garbage Plates! Find out about her plans to marry Rihanna! Horrifying clarinet stories! Dogs...Show More

1:06:17 | Sep 13th, 2015

In honor of the upcoming release of "Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures," I thought it would be fun to have a chat with creator PJ Liguori (aka KickThePJ) about all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that went into making the show. And because I ...Show More

50:48 | Sep 5th, 2015

Troye Sivan may very well be a 50-year-old man trapped inside the body of 20-year-old pop star. This was such a hilarious episode to me, because Troye gets ABSURDLY excited by the most mundane things. Like... his passion for flossing! And his "soft t...Show More

57:41 | Aug 31st, 2015

Our first Vine guest! Cody Johns, aka @cody on Twitter. Can you believe he scored that Twitter handle? @cody?? Well, turns out it's not as great as it sounds. Find out why (and how he got it) on this very fun episode of Not Too Deep! Cody is one of t...Show More

1:05:09 | Aug 24th, 2015

Guys, we're trying something new this week. Thought it would be fun to open up the format of the show a little bit, and make it a bit more conversational, with my dear friend Mitchell Davis. We got a chance to have a classic Grace & Mitchell rant and...Show More

58:27 | Aug 15th, 2015

Hilarious YouTuber, comedian, host, and all-around entertaining human being Elliott Morgan stopped by for this week’s podcast, and I couldn't be more excited. We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including why bunny rabbits can only have desk ...Show More

47:27 | Aug 10th, 2015

Welcome to another episode of Not Too Deep, the only interview podcast GUARANTEED to stay completely superficial and silly! Seriously, if we get too deep, I will refund whatever money you didn't pay for this free podcast. That is my solemn promise to...Show More

58:55 | Aug 2nd, 2015

Wow, who knew that Kian had such amazingly embarrassing stories? YOU will, once you listen to this hilarious episode. His Christmas pants story? Oh boy. I'll never be the same. This is one of our funniest episodes yet! - Did you like this episode? Di...Show More

45:00 | Jul 16th, 2015

So excited to have Anna Akana on the show this week! She's so lovely and smart and super hard working and incredibly funny. If you don't know her, then prepare to fall in like with her. We discuss some very important issues, like socially awkward che...Show More

49:45 | Jul 5th, 2015

I learned a LOT about Joey on this week's podcast. And a lot about Reality TV. Truly, we go DEEP into the behind-the-scenes reality that IS reality television -- it's super interesting and (as you'd expect) not always as real as it seems. Also, I lea...Show More

52:34 | Jun 29th, 2015

Crabstickz, yes the one-and-only Chris Kendall from Britaintown, came to U.S. for the very first time and the first place he visited was our podcast. Whoops! Welcome to America! And, sorry. - We discuss many important things, such as Miniature Hitler...Show More

1:11:53 | Jun 22nd, 2015

This week we have an extra long episode of the podcast! (that's what she said) The hilarious and SUPER POSITIVE Steve Zaragoza is on, and I enjoyed talking to him so much, I just totally lost track of time. And you will too! This is a really fun epis...Show More

49:25 | Jun 15th, 2015

Chris Hardwick finally joins me on the podcast to, ONCE AND FOR ALL, end the age-old debate: Is the bread bowl the greatest invention of all time? (The answer may surprise you.) - Listen to this week's podcast and you'll hear all about that and more!...Show More

59:57 | Jun 7th, 2015

Well, it's finally happened. Both things. I've got Shane on the podcast. AND we have our first tweet that I immediately had to delete. #milestones - This is a really hilarious episode, because Shane is a magnet for INSANE stories. From crazed Uber dr...Show More

54:47 | May 31st, 2015

Guys, this is an important episode. The wonderful and hilarious Nikki Limo is on, and she is just so charming and delightful, it makes me crazy. But more importantly, this episode provides a public service, wherein we explain all our top tips & trick...Show More

54:50 | May 25th, 2015

One of my favorite people and favorite beards (and favorite GIGGLES) is on the podcast this week! Harley Morenstein! This is one of the funniest conversations I've had yet, but it was also very informative. Without giving anything away, I'll just say...Show More

49:18 | May 11th, 2015

This week I sit down with the lovely and beautiful Andrea Russett. We talk about turtles, the worst smell ever, and the immense joy one gets from slapping someone across the face (and by "one" I mean "Andrea"). She also explains Tinder to me like I’m...Show More

58:52 | May 4th, 2015

My very good friend from Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira, is on the podcast this week! Isn’t that exciting?? Answer truthfully, because you're a bad liar, and I know when you’re lying. We talk a lot about bursting out of cakes, our mutual hatred of...Show More

46:22 | Apr 26th, 2015

Hello again! How was your weekend? I don't care. Because it's Monday and your Monday is about to get a whole lot better! This week on the podcast I sit down and get real with one of my favorites of all time... Kingsley! We talk about the important ...Show More

47:52 | Apr 19th, 2015

And we're back! Welcome to SEASON TWO of Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig!!!1! And what better way to come back from hiatus than with my good friend Colleen Ballinger? And HER good friend Miranda Sings?? Trick question! There IS no better way to come b...Show More