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Alex Talks to a Podcasting Pioneer

48:28 | May 17th, 2019

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Jeff Ullrich was a struggling business manager with a drinking problem and a waning sense of professional direction when, in 2010, he saw an opportunity: podcasting. It was a brand new medium, and no ...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jun 18th, 2019

Honest episode about the reality of being an entrepreneur/founder. Shocked to hear that he thought he was going to die and needed “divorce papers from body”... My biggest takeaway was this REAL talk: “even if you own just ONE share of a company you founded, you’re going to care about it like you own...Show More

mm recommended:May 21st, 2019

Jeff Ullrich is the actual godfather of podcasting. Started Earwolf network, Midroll, and the concept of advertising on podcasts plus other business models. Praise this man 🙏