Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg

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The Sharon Salzberg Metta Hour features Buddhist philosophy in a practical, common sense vernacular. Sharon’s natural wisdom, sense of humor and the ease with which she translates these teachings forge an intimate connection with the listener. From e...Show More


55:31 | Dec 16th, 2019

For Episode 112 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon speaks with meditation teacher Adreanna Limbach. Adreanna Limbach is a meditation instructor, personal development coach, and the author of the book,...Show More

55:00 | Dec 2nd, 2019

For Episode 111 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon interviews Dr. Christian Conte, PhD. Christian is a licensed professional counselor, a certified Domestic Violence Counselor, and one of a handful of ...Show More
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1:24:33 | Nov 4th, 2019

For Episode 110 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon speaks with her longtime colleague, friend, and collaborator Joseph Goldstein. This episode was recorded in 2018 at the Garrison Institute at a retre...Show More

1:03:20 | Oct 22nd, 2019

For Episode 109 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon and colleague Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel explore the topic of Faith. Elizabeth is a teacher and author, and has studied and practiced the Buddhadharma ...Show More

1:37:41 | Oct 7th, 2019

For episode 108 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon sits down with her Director of Operations, Lily Cushman. Lily is a teacher, musician, and author, and for nearly a decade, was the Owner and Director...Show More
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