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Inside the Washington Post’s podcast strategy

30:29 | Jan 29th, 2019

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Publisher interest in podcasts is at an all-time high. But figuring out exactly what kind of storytelling model is ideal for audiences, as well as metrics for success, still remains difficult. On this...Show More


jspinelle recommended:Jan 29th, 2019

Great deep dive into what it takes to produce a daily podcast and how to balance daily vs. long-term strategy

mmFeb 24th, 2019

Thanks for echoing this @jspinelle! It was interesting to hear how The Washington Post is trying to differentiate from NYTimes' The Daily since the Post Reports is entering late into the game. The Economist and Vox also have daily news podcasts. The Guardian says they're coming out with one soon i...Show More

jspinelleFeb 24th, 2019

@mm Interesting point about reading vs listening to the news! I receive a few daily news emails and tend to get my news that way as opposed to listening. Like you, I will check our one of the daily pods if I want to dive deeper into a topic but I don’t listen to any of them regularly.

mmFeb 24th, 2019

@jspinelle Interesting about the daily newsletters! I get my news combo from social media and direct visits to news sites mostly. I really enjoy the newsletters of Recode, New Yorker, The Outline. Any outstanding ones for you?


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