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brooke recommended:Sep 14th

As a student of literature and literary analysis, an author's "voice" is something I think about a lot in my daily existence (for better or for worse, I'm honestly not sure which). Before this episode, I didn't think about how well-designed apps and websites have distinct voices, too. Maybe it's bec...Show More

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Presentable 85: Good Design Is Well Written

by Presentable

brooke recommended:Sep 3rd

"Is farting technically foreplay?" Opens with a very long discussion about dick pics. Not the most enticing topic for me, being the raging lesbian that I am, but the banter is hilarious. Don't drink water while you listen to this. It *will* go down the wrong windpipe.

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🥜 Nuts
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Get Away From Me

by Food 4 Thot

brooke recommended:Sep 3rd

Ed Yong of the Atlantic underscores the causal relationship between systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, the prison industrial complex, and the rampage of COVID in the US. Necessary education, but perhaps save it for a day when you feel a bit more optimistic about our current predicament....Show More

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The United States' Pre-Existing Conditions

by Code Switch

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