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Three Amazing Stories About Our Bodies

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Our bodies are weird, amazing, and full of mystery. We rounded up trending recommendations from the Podyssey community highlighting just how incredible and interesting the human body is.

Your brain might be storing more information than you realize.

mm recommended:Jun 1st

Australian guy gets in a car accident and woke up speaking Mandarin. Next thing you know he’s on a Mandarin TV dating show. Fascinating story about how your brain works with your native vs second languages.

The Australian who woke up speaking Mandarin

by Outlook

This woman can smell the future. Seriously.

write2tg recommended:Mar 23rd

A beautiful episode about a woman, named Joy, who can see (or smell) the future of her husband and of Alison who changed her own future. #wordsarespells Alison’s life advice reminded me of a quote in a Bhagwat Gita (Hindu scripture): “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are n...Show More

An Unlikely Superpower

by Invisibilia

Our butts can help us outrun horses.

yveehops recommended:Jan 4th

Can a human win a 50km race through the desert against a horse (because we have a butt)?

Man Against Horse

by Radiolab