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vertebrats recommended:Aug 28th

On the disastrous marathon run at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis. Some parts comic and some tragic. Another story wonderfully told by The Constant

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πŸ•΅οΈβ€ Well-researched
πŸ“ Well-written

Run for Your Life

by The Constant: A History of Getting Things Wrong

vertebrats recommended:Aug 20th

Very interesting. I always thought robins found worms by sight, given how they cock their heads. But it turns out they can effectively hunt worms by ear!

I thought this episode was:

πŸ’‘ Educational

Does a Robin Hear Its Worm?

by BirdNote

vertebrats recommended:Aug 8th

Foghorn requiem... music, poetry and memories. Satellite technology has obsoleted foghorns around the British Isles, and their wholesale dismantling is well under way. I live in the midwest US and I am somewhat prone to seasickness... so my rose-tinted fascination with maritime life and culture is t...Show More

I thought this episode was:

🎢 Musically superb
πŸ‘ Well-produced

Life, Death and the Foghorn

by Seriously...

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