The 8 Best Casefile Episodes of All Time

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Many true crime fans consider Casefile to be the gold standard of true crime podcasts, and for good reason. With haunting production and extremely in-depth looks into everything from classic serial killers to Jonestown to the creation of the black market website the Silk Road, Casefile strikes a perfect balance, focusing more on the people involved than the grisly details, but the episodes are still gripping and often disturbing. The Casefile host himself provides an air of mystery by remaining anonymous, a choice praised by many listeners because it allows the cases to speak for themselves without banter or editorializing.

If you’re looking for the best Casefile podcast episodes, make sure to check out this list, curated with recommendations from Podyssey’s community of podcast lovers.

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1) Case 76: Silk Road

How did Silk Road’s creator make an underground network on the internet that couldn’t be traced by the government? How did it get so big? This extremely in-depth, three-part series covers the genesis of the infamous online black market, as well as its downfall. If you’re looking for a first episode of Casefile to listen to, make it this one — many fans consider the Silk Road series to be the best of the best Casefile episodes, if not one of the best true crime series ever made.

2) Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1976

The East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker, the Golden State Killer — under many names this serial killer terrorized California, committing at least 13 murders, 50 rapes, and 120 burglaries across the state between 1973 and 1986. Many consider him to be the definition of evil, and the stories told in this episode may make you scared to turn off the lights. However this six-part series, started in 2017, ends on a positive note: the capture and imprisonment of Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. in 2020 for these crimes. To learn the whole 50-year history of this case, start with this episode:

3) Case 50: Jennifer Pan

If you haven’t heard the story of Jennifer Pan — the teenager who organized a hit on her own parents — this episode is a must-listen. Was she pushed into it by her abusive parents? Or was she just selfish? There’s nothing straightforward about this shocking case. If you’re looking for a captivating one-off episode to dive into, make it this one.

4) Case 60: Jonestown

“Don’t drink the Kool Aid” — you’ve probably heard of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, but to hear how this cult came to be, and how it really ended, take the time to listen to this in-depth series. There’s a reason the Jonestown Casefile episodes are still talked about to this day, and why so many listeners say this series hit them particularly hard.

5) Case 54: Daniel Morcombe

Casefile is an Australian true crime podcast, so it’s no surprise that they do a particularly good job covering Australian cases. In this episode, the Casefile host recounts the story of the abduction of Daniel Morcombe, a 13-year-old boy who disappeared from Australia’s Sunshine Coast while waiting for the bus in 2003, and the hunt for his attacker.

6) Case 161: The Yosemite Sightseer Murder

For a particularly-haunting episode, check out this case which feels straight out of a horror movie. This riveting two-parter covers the murders of four women — two adults and two teenagers — who all had stayed at, or worked at, the Cedar Lodge motel in El Portal, California, just outside the Highway 140 entrance to Yosemite National Park. As the Casefile host recounts this disturbing story, you’ll almost feel like you’re there at the Cedar Lodge, making this one of the creepiest Casefile episodes of all time.

7) Case 36: Amok

When a man is found murdered with no witnesses and no apparent motive, the case quickly goes cold, but an officer eventually reviews the evidence and stumbles upon a lead that will take him down a winding path towards the killer. This Polish true crime case will keep you on the edge of your seat as the truth is slowly unveiled.

8) Case 109: Belanglo

Another haunting Australian case, this five-part series covers the serial murders of seven young backpackers whose bodies were found in the Belanglo State Forest. For listeners outside of Australia, this story may be a new one, making it an exciting true crime case to dive into — who knows, it might just become your favorite Casefile episode.

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