The 14 Best Call Her Daddy Episodes of All Time

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Known for its funny and blunt take on dating culture, Call Her Daddy entertains millions of fans each week, by dropping hot gossip and juicy sex tips. The podcast’s loyal listeners, known as members of the Daddy Gang, have even helped the show claim some of the top spots across platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Currently hosted solely by “Father” Alex Cooper and produced under Barstool Sports, the show made headlines after the dramatic split with former co-host Sofia Franklyn in mid-2020. Although the hosts’ breakup initially shook their fans, the podcast has continued on with the same dose of entertaining and risqué content.

Whether you’re already a dedicated member of the Daddy Gang, or looking for a place to start, we turned to the Podyssey community to help organize the best Call Her Daddy episodes into three categories: funny stories, the best tips, and of course, the best relationship advice.

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Best Call Her Daddy Episodes of All Time

14 episodes

Curated by:podysseyapp

Funniest Call Her Daddy Stories

We all have our embarrassing and entertaining stories, but Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn seem to have more than others, which is just as expected given their wild past. Thankfully, they’re more than willing to reveal them all to the public. Needless to say, if you’re in need of a laugh, you’ll have plenty after listening to these episodes.

64 - The Cocaine Chronicles

Suggested Starting Point: 8:00

In this episode Sofia takes us back to when she spent an unfortunate night in jail for underage drinking — the night before her birthday. Of course, for Sofia, this wasn’t your typical stint in jail. From an entire jail block singing “Happy Birthday” to an eccentric cellmate, she recounts the panic that came with being placed in the slammer, and the fear that she might never get out. Did we mention that this ALL happened two days before a big trip to Mexico? To hear how she eventually made it out, this is one of the Call Her Daddy episodes that you’ll have to listen to.

50 - MILF HUNTER (Guest #1)

Suggested Starting Point: 2:24

One of Alex’s male friends who is lovingly dubbed ‘MILF Hunter,’ brings a male perspective to the show along with an absurd story of his own. This highly requested guest recalls his memorable first experience with an older woman who he describes as a “well-built blonde.” From the moment they first made eye contact to their first kiss and beyond, the MILF Hunter spills on how he’s still impressed by the MILF’s unshakeable confidence. This episode will have you in tears laughing.

69 - EPISODE 69 (ft. Chlamydia)

Suggested Starting Point: 1:42

If you’re familiar with Sofia and Alex, you’ll know that they won’t keep things quiet, especially when they’re attacked. In this episode, they openly provide their take on the New York Post Call Her Daddy drama (much to the horror of the world-famous newspaper), in response to a malicious two-page article written by a NYP author. Taking it in stride, the pair jokes about some of the article’s truths, such as their disgust with having to conduct a photoshoot in a men’s urinal and Sofia’s faux designer handbag purchases. When you’re done with the episode, don’t forget to look up the photos from the infamous photoshoot that started all the drama.

57 - Every Man’s Achilles Heel

Suggested Starting Point: 21:00

Let’s just say, if you were searching for the legendary Call Her Daddy Coco Bongo episode, you’ve found it. This cringe-worthy tale, as told by Sofia, was sparked by the appearance of a previously forgotten memory on Facebook. Within the first 30 seconds, you’ll see all the red flags, as she explains how she innocently went to a nightclub in Mexico with her boyfriend and his entire family (dum dum dum…). Things then escalate when she becomes one of the few club-goers selected to dance on the Coco Bongo’s flashy stage. We won’t reveal exactly how the chaos happens, but we can promise you that it’s 100% unexpected.

29 - Why They Won't F*ck You

Suggested Starting Point: 49:20

If you’ve ever had a pre-flight food craving, you’ll understand the dilemma that our hungover hosts faced. After a tropical vacation, Alex and Sofia craved Carls’ Jr. so badly, so they boarded their plane with some delish combos. But one of these combos included fish, leaving fellow passengers to hold their breaths. You’ll find yourself howling as the pair reflects on their mortifying experience, and the pressure they felt to hide their smelly fish.

Call Her Daddy Sex Tips

It’s no secret that this is a very sex-positive show, and a go-to for those looking to learn hot tips for the bedroom. That also means that no list would be complete without including the best Call Her Daddy episodes for tips. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best of the podcast’s insider advice to help make your bedroom experience extra steamy.

3 - The Gluck Gluck 9000

Suggested Starting Point: 17:00

The Call Her Daddy gluck gluck 9000 episode may only be the third episode, but it’s hands-down one of the most popular. In this episode, you’ll find the blowjob tip that Alex claims will “change your sex life.” Described as a man’s kryptonite and passed along by her very experienced male friend, Alex goes into the nitty gritty details about how you too can perform one.

20 - Butt Stuff

Suggested Starting Point: 17:00

Another contender for the best Call Her Daddy tips is this, which covers everything to do with butt stuff. Yes ladies, this involves returning the butt action on your guy as well. As the pod points out, it’s an excellent way to spice things up, and can be a total turn-on for both the males and females involved, whether they’re giving or receiving. Alex also shares her personal (and tested) tricks to use on a man.

13 - Let it’s Time for a Facial

Suggested Starting Point: 27:23

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you say that can heat things up between you and your partner. Our favorite pair use this episode to educate listeners on the classic Call Her Daddy tricks for talking dirty. To guarantee success, they emphasize that you can simply copy their suggested lines word-for-word when you need it. Bring out a pen and paper and then hit play for your next foreplay for this one!

30 - Sex Toys & How to Not Catch Feelings

Suggested Starting Point: 46:45

Another episode that belongs on any Call Her Daddy tips master sheet is this one, as the girls give their highly anticipated opinion on sex toys and how to smoothly bring them into the bedroom. Hint: It involves boosting your guy’s ego beforehand! They also bluntly give their thoughts on men who say “no” to using toys.

41 - How To Eat Pussy

Suggested Starting Point: 5:00

If you’re a guy who wants a “good dick review” then listen up: you’re about to receive the fascinating rundown of the “7 wonders of the pussy eating world,” as told by Alex and Sofia. After the pair’s previous success with their Call Her Daddy blowjob tips for ladies, they’re now evening the playing field with this episode aimed at educating the men. Encouraging you to not be shy, they give a full review, from how to effectively use your tongue and your fingers.

Call Her Daddy Relationship Advice

Unsurprisingly, some of the most sought-after Call Her Daddy advice is on relationships. As you’d guess, Alex and Sofia have lots to share, and some fans even claim that the show’s tips are the reason they’ve landed their significant other. Luckily for you, we’ve searched through the archives to find some of their most helpful relationship advice, which both ladies and gents will appreciate.


Suggested Starting Point: 19:35

First impressions — they’re one thing that you can never get back, and a high-stakes moment in every relationship. After all, hitting it off with your partner’s family or friends just might be what makes or breaks your time together. That’s why the two Call Her Daddy hosts are here to put you at ease before this nerve-racking event. Together they review the irritating stereotypes you’ll want to avoid falling under, and most importantly, how to just be yourself.

42 - Let Him Watch Porn

Suggested Starting Point: 7:45

In this episode, the girls cover one of the most common questions they’ve been asked by listeners: whether or not a man in a relationship should be able to watch porn. It quickly becomes clear that the two have a very strong opinion on this subject: let men watch porn! This is one of the Call Her Daddy podcast topics that’s well worth a full listen, for both men and women alike. Theyalso head into other controversial topics, such as letting your man in a strip club, the expectation around “boys night” check-ins, and if you should tolerate your guy hitting a club without you.

35 - Professional Athletes

Suggested Starting Point: 11:45

Before going into this episode’s topic, Sofia and Alex remind their Call Her Daddy listeners that much of what they say on the show is said with sarcasm. This is a particularly important disclaimer as the theme for this episode is “mind manipulation” — an arguably unhealthy tactic to overuse. They start out by sharing the art behind how a girl can subtly make a guy jealous, by playfully (yet, appropriately) engaging other guys in social settings. Next, they reveal how men can drive a girl of interest crazy, from mentioning their ex to buying their female friends drinks. Overall this episode is loaded with some toxic, albeit potentially useful, suggestions. Even if you don’t use them yourself, they’re definitely important to be aware of.


Suggested Starting Point: 27:00

Miley Cyrus on the Call Her Daddy podcast is simply put, iconic and was SO overdue! This uncensored discussion with Alex, is something the former Disney Queen isn’t used to, and allowed her to cover all things personal. In terms of relationships, Miley details how she leverages her love language to strengthen her connection with her partners. She also reveals her recipe for finding a compatible significant other, including knowing what you want, and then placing yourself in communities with those who hold your same values. All we can say is that if you aren’t dating someone already, be prepared to take some serious notes!

P.S. Beyond her exceptional relationship advice, Miley also discusses Midnight Sky, her sexually-liberating song, which is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Best Call Her Daddy Episodes of All Time

14 episodes

Curated by:podysseyapp