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jakburnsides recommended:Jan 28th

I think I'm about 80ish episodes in now and I can simply say I love this podcast. I love supernatural stories and I listen to way too many true crime podcasts so finding something that combined the two was *chef's kiss* On a personal note, I don't drink alcohol so having Em as someone who also does...Show More

1: Francis Ford “Cupola” and the Off-Brand Kool-Aid

by And That's Why We Drink

jakburnsides recommended:Jan 28th

A friend recommended this series to me. Previous to it my exposure to podcasts had been fictional stories presented as if real and at first I thought this was the same - it's that wild a story. When my friend told me a couple episodes in, that "no no it's real. This is a real person, a real story," ...Show More

Chapter I

by S-Town

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