Conversations with People Who Hate Me

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Online video creator Dylan Marron calls some of the folks who wrote him hateful messages to ask one simple question: why? The results are sometimes awkward, often political, and always fascinating. In new episodes starting April 2nd, Dylan will moder...Show More

29:13 | Jul 31st, 2017

Dylan Marron makes popular social justice videos on the internet, so he gets a lot of hate messages. In the first episode of this podcast, he speaks with Chris, a man who called Dylan “a piece of sh*t...Show More

sarahleeyoga recommended:

This podcast is kind of like listening to someone smarter and calmer than you chat with your bigoted uncle about the world. Opinions changed...Show More

50:24 | Feb 10th

A Bernie supporter and an Elizabeth Warren supporter connect after clashing online. If you’d like to be a guest on this show fill out the form at Conversations w...Show More
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48:26 | Jan 27th

In the summer of 2017 journalist Katie Herzog wrote a piece that was widely criticized. Ultimately she found herself at the bottom of a social media pile-on. 3,000 miles east of Katie, a woman named R...Show More

12:12 | Jul 31st, 2019

Host Dylan Marron shares his 2018 TED Talk “Empathy is not Endorsement.” TED Talks Daily features a new TED Talk every weekday. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts. You can watch his talk...Show More

31:02 | Mar 25th, 2019

Dylan speaks to Carl, an old high school classmate, about something Carl wrote online seventeen years ago - before social media as we know it was even invented. If you’d like to be a guest on this sh...Show More
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