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Love Me Tinder

27:00 | Feb 14th

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A new investigation reveals what you may have suspected: dating apps can be very dangerous. But there are safer ways to look for love online.(Transcript here.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit ...Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 26th

I really miss Why Oh Why! It was nice to hear Andrea Silenzi again. This episode had some really good stories from the online dating trenches, paired with interesting info about the general lack of safety measures built into apps.

mm recommended:Feb 19th

Dating companies are not willing to background check against sex offender databases because it’s too expensive. Perhaps it’s time to legislate. Also valuable tips on online dating for those who need it and a super cute ending!

aliceko recommended:Feb 17th

Really important episode for women who use online dating apps. How do you ensure safety when people in person? Can you really be sure you are safe? There needs to be greater demand from the users who use apps like Tinder for safety measures. I've heard of other apps that require an application (I th...Show More

jctrevino recommended:Feb 17th

I’m happily married and so glad I don’t have to use dating apps. For those who do, this episode is an eye-opener of the risks that users, especially women, continue to have because apps that could check sex offender and criminal black lists don’t do so because it’s expensive. Once again, profits ove...Show More

alicekoFeb 17th

This was such a good episode. I also missed the online dating movement and I'm shocked that Match isn't performing background checks for free accounts.


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