The Perfect Scam

Threats From Home: The Chinese Consulate Scam

21:11 | Oct 4th, 2019

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Government imposters claiming to be from the Chinese Consulate are targeting Chinese Americans with illegal Robocalls....Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 13th

This podcast reminded me of an article I just read about scams targeting Chinese students studying in the US. The author, who was the victim of the scam, makes the point that growing up in a totalitarian regime made her unable to question people who seemed to speak from official positions. I actuall...Show More

jennx recommended:Jul 26th

This just shows how there are scammers that target just about any group of people. It’s also upsetting to learn that these robocallers play on cultural superstitions to take advantage of vulnerable Chinese senior citizens 😰

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😱 Horrifying

epekilis recommended:Jul 26th

If it makes you feel any better, which it won’t, they cast an awfully broad net. We’re not Chinese and cannot speak the language but get the Chinese robo calls at least 6 times a week. You can tell it’s a scam without needing to understand the language because the phone numbers show up on my phone ...Show More

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💡 Educational

mm recommended:Jul 21st

Finally! An episode that got to the bottom of this. As a Chinese person living in a Chinese-dense area, I always get these mandarin robocalls voicemails but unsure what they would be about. This episode digs into this and also covers the in-person scams in Chinatowns targeting vulnerable monolingual...Show More

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💔 Heart-breaking
🕵️‍ Well-researched

mmJul 21st

@jennx 😰

jennxJul 21st

@mm omg I’m listening to this for sure. I always get calls from a Chinese bot telling me it’s DHL and that I need to collect an important package

mmJul 21st

@jennx This is 💯 about that.

rmmiller364Aug 13th

@jennx @mm oh! The article I posted above is about a student who got scammed out of $43,000 by scammers who started out by saying she had a package that was stuck in customs in Beijing