The Perfect Scam


The Perfect Scam is AARP’s new weekly podcast profiling America’s biggest scam stories. Hosted by Will Johnson, former Discovery Channel podcast host/producer, and leading fraud expert and AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale, the serie...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

0:00 | Jan 31st

In this bonus episode, Frank is back answering your questions about fraud.
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24:03 | Jan 24th

Jonathan Herbert claimed to run a government affiliated mortgage relief program, but in reality he was stealing homeowners mortgage payments.

21:05 | Jan 17th

Learn how to protect yourself from scams with Jason Glassberg, the “ethical hacker,” who is hired by companies to hack their systems and reveal security weaknesses.

20:36 | Jan 10th

A Florida based tech-support scam claims tens of thousands of victims around the world and steals more than $25 million.
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