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19:48 | Sep 5th, 2018

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In the series debut George invites his listeners to step into the speakers and join him on a meandering ride aboard his own train of thought. The Poet muses on the interplay between crime and music in...Show More


bkxb recommended:Nov 27th, 2019

Wow, I was introduced to this podcast by @fiercefab and it’s truly something else. An innovative blend of poetry, rap, and the perspective of someone with lived experience.

alicekoNov 27th, 2019

Excited for this one!

michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 11th

wowow. little late to this but i absolutely love this experimental podcast from george the poet from london, which combines different forms like poetry, history, fiction, current events, and music!! it feels like i'm hanging out with george and he is really damn cool! it is such an incredible listen...Show More

theresagao recommended:Dec 28th, 2019

loved this & excited by how this format is so unique & creative with the blend of poetry / spoken word / rap. had this recommended by a friend & definitely want to hear more :)

goodreads recommended:Dec 2nd, 2019

This just blew my mind. Thanks @fiercefab for the excellent recommendation!

fiercefab recommended:Nov 27th, 2019

“You are being taught at all times. What you learn is up to you.” - George the Poet This podcast may be the best I’ve ever heard, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Crackling with originality, poetry and wisdom, this show is for anyone who believes — as I do — that storytelling is a survival instin...Show More

cesarm recommended:Oct 12th, 2019

I think a lot of poets should listen to this podcasts. It definitely proves how to incorporate poetry to a great mix of storytelling and music to explore the inner city London experience of George the Poet. One of the most original podcasts I have heard in a while.