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The Hardest Word

Brett De Hoedt

Real apologies from real people around the globe. Each short episode showcases an apology ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking. Hosted by the show's creator Brett de Hoedt. The show is intimate - total strangers reveal themselves - and genuinely ...Show More
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18:46 | Oct 1st

These are the five best apologies from season one of The Hardest Word as voted by listeners. This is the ideal introduction to the show - sad, sweet and unlike anything else you listen to. Enjoy.

02:50 | Oct 1st

The Hardest Word features real apologies from real people from across the globe. Hosted by Brett de Hoedt the podcast is like no other - intimate, heartbreaking and at times gobsmacking.
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07:51 | Apr 27th

A very special episode with a single apology that will stay with you for a long time. The 1994 Rwandan genocide saw the death of 800,000 people in 100 days. Today's apology is from a man who had a chance to save his neighbour's life from the sl...Show More

10:56 | Apr 27th

Apologies of all sorts from Colombia, Palestine, Bangladesh and Nigeria.   These apologies are all reluctant. The contributors want to stay and help their homelands but feel that the task is beyond them.   Audio direction and original score Bria...Show More

10:19 | Apr 27th

Apologies of all sorts from Macedonia, Gaza, USA and India. The owner of john@yahoo.com gets an apology as do sexist bastards everywhere and the almighty. Just another miscellaneous mixed bag of apologies.
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