The Messy Middle

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The Messy Middle podcast is about all the sh*t you went through as a small business owner to get you where you are today. Join Lucy and Daphne as they talk to each other and other entrepreneurs about the ups, downs and downright messy parts about wh...Show More

39:52 | Jun 6th, 2019

What does confidence mean for a small business owner? What do you do when you’re not feeling confident? In our first ever episode Lucy and Daphne discuss what confidence means to them and how it’s c...Show More

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Gain insight from two women entrepreneurs (Lucy and Daphne) about how they’ve built their confidence over the years and how it has affected ...Show More

32:31 | Feb 13th

Yes, this did turn into a 30-minute ad for Squarespace, but we really do love it that much. Listen in to our conversation where we discuss why we think you and your business should be using Squaresp...Show More
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1:08:17 | Feb 6th

From a young age, Nathan Skillen already knew he was interested in filmmaking and he followed his passion to form Skillen & Co, a video production company. Join us as we speak to Nathan about what goe...Show More

58:32 | Jan 30th

It’s our turn! As part of our series "Let's Talk About Imposter Syndrome", we’ve had various guests tell us about how they’ve encountered imposter syndrome in their lives but now it’s time to share ou...Show More

1:13:16 | Jan 23rd

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that affects us all but manifests itself in different ways. In Angie Coates, a designer, illustrator and owner of the Feminist accessories shop, Five15, this rears it...Show More
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