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Hey there! First time caller, long time podcast listener! I'm Lauren. I love podcasts.

Episode Recommendations (7)

heyitslauren recommended:Jun 21st

Devon and Liz are delightful and tell the best stories. This one about skydiving beavers is always the one first think about when I think about their show. The northwest is a wonderful, spooky, weird place and the girls have highlighted some excellent stories. Check them out.

12: The Skydiving Beaver and the Arboreal Octopus

by The Ouija Broads

heyitslauren recommended:Jun 17th

This show is a beautiful, honest conversation about cancer and dying. I'm so glad Julie and her family opened her life to us and let us in to have this view.

I thought this episode was:

🌅 A beautiful story

Introducing Julie

by Julie: The Unwinding of the Miracle