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Podyssey Picks (July 19): Top Community Recommendations

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Here are this week’s top podcasts and playlist recommendations! Check out a special Deep Dive curated by iHeartRadio Podcast on their investigative podcast: “Forgotten: Women of Juárez” on femicide at the US-Mexico border. Take a moment for self-care with a BIPOC mental health Deep Dive.

Hundreds of young women have been found dead and disfigured in mass graves in the desert of the Mexican border city, Juárez, since 1993. Two podcasters find the killer.

Be sure to check out the special Deep Dive this week curated by iHeartRadio Podcasts about “Forgotten”. Find special behind-the-scenes photos and interviews from the podcast hosts.

ambahjay recommended:Jun 7th

First, individual bodies of murdered women were found. Then they started finding mass graves. Technically true crime, but with larger implications. How big of a difference can a national border make when it seperates women living in neighboring cities?

1. A Cross-Border Killer?

by Forgotten: Women of Juárez

RIP Civil rights leader John Lewis. Celebrate #GoodTrouble and listen to his life and wisdom from the man himself.

Remember that crazy “Reply All” episode where Alex Goldman goes to India to bust a scamming call centre? The saga hasn’t ended and they just published a follow-up:

🎧 Unsure what this is about or need a refresher? Here’s a playlist with the classic “Long Distance” episodes:

Reply All Long Distance Trilogy

5 episodes

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Get the story behind the slang “Karen” and why they always want to “speak to your manager”.

write2tg recommended:Jul 13th

Words have a lot of meaning and we can’t take them lightly especially when used in a racial context. Names can be sometimes more than what they seem and have “real, concrete and punitive consequences”. This is a pertinent podcast on the origins of “Karen” and how she has been there all along and ho...Show More

The Karen

by Decoder Ring

Are we working *way* too much?

This overworked employee gets cheated out of her work benefits by WeWork.

dee.ngyn recommended:Jul 10th

Big ouf in how toxic our work culture has become. The idealistic perspective towards burnout culture has really pushed people to become quite one dimensional in how they identify themselves. We lose ourselves in this idea of being productive and fail to evaluate what truly compliments to the quality...Show More

WeWork too much

by This Is Uncomfortable

🎧 Instead of working, listen to more episodes about workism and burnout:

Work! Work! Work!

7 episodes

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✨ Bloomberg released a new podcast series about documenting the rise and fall of WeWork:

The US Supreme Court just ruled that half of Oklahoma is tribal land. And it all started with a homicide investigation.

This podcast series documents the crime and the fight for land rights:

rmmiller364 recommended:Jul 10th

This podcast provides an excellent understanding of the Supreme Court case that was just decided today, ruling that half of Oklahoma belongs to Native American tribes.

1. The Case

by This Land

To catch up on the Supreme Court ruling, hear the latest episode about the historic decision:

China tightened its power over Hong Kong. What does this mean for pro-democracy activists?

“This American Life” follows up.

How do you find an Oscar-winning movie script? Enter the Black List.

yveehops recommended:Jul 12th

Great episode that describes how the screen play “black list” of best screen plays was created. So interesting!

Hollywood's Black List

by Planet Money

Tom Hanks imitates JFK and Meryl Streep on Conan O’Brien’s podcast.

Laugh out loud about show biz with America’s sweetheart.

The podcast before all podcasts is back!

Humorist and Heavyweight podcast host Jonathan Goldstein hilariously investigates his very keen Twitter impersonator.

It’s Hamilton time on Disney Plus! Sing along with “Strong Songs” to get satisfied.

shreyaisms recommended:Jul 12th

Recommended to me by @aliceko after I saw Disney's Hamilton. I LOVE this musical and cannot wait for Broadway to welcome us back so I can watch this. I have been looking for good podcasts on this specific song: I want to learn EVERYTHING about how Angelica is represented in these notes. Kirk did not...Show More

"Satisfied" from Hamilton (Updated!)

by Strong Songs

🎧 For the Hamilton-obsessed, here’s a playlist with more goodies:

Hamilton (the musical!)

26 episodes

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