Feeling My Flo

Juleyka Lantigua-Williams

Feeling My Flo is a reported podcast that sees and talks about menstruation as an event that happens to all types of bodies.

01:49 | Jun 29th

Where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies.

13:05 | Jul 11th

High schooler Lola Blackman talks to Kamilah about being a late bloomer, her feelings about the idea of “womanhood,” and what it was like to impatiently wait to get her period. Our producer, Mia, also investigates why people are late bloomers – spoil...Show More
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13:17 | Nov 14th

When she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at age 19, Annie lost her period. She shares what that was like — and we talk to a doctor about the medical reasons behind amenorrhea: the absence of a menstrual period.

12:32 | Nov 7th

We talk to period helpers — the people who support menstruators in their lives with everything from a home remedy to a monthly sweet treat.

13:01 | Oct 31st

When Jane Hartman Adamé started to have trouble with her menstrual cup, she didn’t want to go back to tampons and pads. So she recruited a friend and together, they designed a new cup, which is used by scores of menstruators today.
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