Meditative Story

Life and love and the moment, by Arianna Huffington

23:57 | Aug 6th, 2019

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Join a young Arianna Huffington on her journey from Athens to Cambridge, as she shares a lesson she learned from her mother of embracing life’s journey without being attached to the outcome.


mm recommended:Dec 1st, 2019

This was such a touching episode about Arianna Huffington's childhood and her relationship with her fabulous mother. This isn't a story about Huffington's entrepreneurship journey, but how her fearlessly supportive mother helped clear a path for her to succeed even when Huffington doubted herself or...Show More

mmDec 6th, 2019

@keenian @oliviawong This is the meditation + first-person narrative podcast I was mentioning. It's probably unlike anything you've heard before.

oliviawongDec 10th, 2019

@mm is it normal to be in tears half way through the episode? Wow. You were so right.

mmDec 10th, 2019

@oliviawong Yup...I love how you tear up and then they give you a moment to meditate and reflect on it all. See @aliceko's review on this podcast below. She's tearing up all the time.

serena recommended:Aug 6th, 2019

Interesting new use of the podcast medium to both entertain and enhance mindfulness. @aliceko this new podcast format may be of interest?

alicekoAug 7th, 2019

This podcast was AMAZING. LOVE this format. I cannot wait for more. How did you find this?! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

serenaAug 8th, 2019

@aliceko it was promo'd on Ariana's Thrive podcast. If you liked this episode, you may like the other two as well. I recommend Pico Iyer's episode, where he talks about his travels in SE Asia and unexpectedly finding a place he had never been before that felt perfectly like home.

aliceko recommended:Aug 7th, 2019

This is only the second time I've teared up from a podcast episode. Listening to Arianna Huffington talk about the support of her mother as she yearned to learn English and go to Cambridge is beyond moving. Unique new podcast format combining first-person storytelling, relaxing music, meditative pro...Show More

susanleAug 8th, 2019

@aliceko Thank YOU! I really enjoyed this format and how beautifully meditation and story are weaved together. This story made me tear up too but also made me think of what "unconditional love" truly means.

kimwaudioAug 9th, 2019


kimwaudioAug 9th, 2019

@kimwaudio I’ll take a listen.

kimwaudio recommended:Aug 10th, 2019

It’s amazing how positively impactful a loving parent is on their child’s life all the way through adulthood.

danny recommended:Aug 10th, 2019

What a beautiful story! 😁

waitwhat recommended:Mar 16th, 2020

From sunny Greece, scented with wild herbs and her mother's cooking, to cold, glamorous Cambridge, a journey with Arianna Huffington.